Chocolate cake

The real reason Costco stopped selling its all-American chocolate cake


Did we mention that 2020 is the year of horrible things? Add the “decreasing demand for large birthday cakes” to our list of complaints. In fact, according to Numerator’s Sweet Treat Tracker, cakes and other sweets as a category were on the rise in 2020 as we turned to comfort food in tough times, as AdAge reports. But let’s not forget that the All-American Chocolate Cake was not just any cake. It was a huge cake, made for the holidays. And, you guessed it, 2020 has taken us a lot of parties as well.

In fact, research reported via the New York Post found that six in ten people only felt comfortable attending virtual events last year. Think of this impact in terms of birthday cakes only. These are rough calculations, but let’s assume that each of the 331 million people who the US Census Bureau said lived in the United States in 2020 were planning to throw a birthday party. If six in ten of those people have decided to virtually celebrate instead, that’s over 198 million birthday cakes that didn’t need to be bought (unless of course they’re single-serve – we’ll talk about that later). And let’s not even get into the family reunions, graduation parties, and Groundhog Day celebrations that we had to postpone.

The holiday season has also taken a hit. Only 27% of Americans planned to celebrate Thanksgiving with people outside their homes in 2020 (according to research by data and survey firm Dynata commissioned by the New York Times), and for many, Christmas has also been canceled. , reports Good Housekeeping. All the missed opportunities for us and the all-American chocolate cake.

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