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Living chocolate store opens in Sedona, Arizona – Improving health with chocolate

Gahanna, OH, July 30, 2021 – ( – SalePoint, Inc., a leading provider of high-value business solutions to the retail, enterprise, higher education industries Health and Public Sector, today announced an agreement with Living Chocolate to provide merchant services and point-of-sale system implementation support for the upcoming opening of a new store in Sedona , Arizona.

The store name is “Living Chocolate” and follows Communal Uprising Chocolate’s mission to improve the health and well-being of people through the benefits of key ingredients in No Sugar Added Chocolate. Shari Lynn Flam, CEO of Living Chocolate, said: “When we decided to open a new store in Sedona, Arizona, to provide our chocolates to the community and tourists, we looked for a company with expertise in retail systems to assist us in the selection. of our point of sale system. SalePoint had the experience and expertise to help me choose the right systems for the new store. We look forward to the store opening and being able to serve the Sedona market directly. “

Derrek Orel, Project Manager for SalePoint, said: “After reviewing Shari’s plans and requirements for the new store concept, we determined that a Clover® point of sale system would be an ideal fit for Merchant Services. Advannova. The functionality and ease of use of the Clover® point of sale system will cover Shari’s demands at an affordable investment. It will cover the sale of individual and wrapped chocolates as well as drinks and other items that the new store plans to carry. We are delighted with the opening of the store.

About SalePoint
SalePoint is headquartered in Gahanna, Ohio, with branches in Sacramento, Austin, Cary, North Carolina, and San Diego. SalePoint is a leading provider of high-value business solutions to the public sector, retail outlets, corporate retail, higher education and healthcare industries. SalePoint staff are experienced in implementing self-service applications, electronic forms, cash register, point of sale and enterprise ERP. The company provides a complete solution ranging from hardware and software to the services required to define, implement and fully support the installed solutions. The company’s customers include prominent names such as Spencer Gifts, Cato Corporation, and Sporting Life. SalePoint’s PatientWorks Corporation provides self-service and mobile solutions to the healthcare market. For more information, visit

About living chocolate
Living Chocolate, formerly known as Communal Uprising Chocolate, was born out of a passion for chocolate and for health. In our modern American society, chocolate is considered a dessert, a discretionary food, even taboo or “bad” for you. With this in mind, we can’t really enjoy all of the incredible benefits that chocolate has to offer. Chocolate may in fact be the most nutrient-dense food on the planet. It contains one of the richest magnesium foods on the planet, the nutrients that humans as a species are most depleted of. It contains iron, selenium, copper, oxytocin the drug of love, serotonin the drug of happiness, anandamide, the molecule of happiness. The list goes on. But we cannot enjoy the benefits of chocolate at all because our body has to fight against white sugar. At CUC, we love to keep our chocolate in natural forms that benefit the human body and keep products close to the heart, chocolate, chocolate truffles, ceremonial cocoa, and whole cocoa beans with purpose and intention. We believe chocolate is here to help. For more information, visit

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KR Group launches Laderach – The Chocolate Store, Oman’s first online eComm platform exclusively for chocolates

Recognized as a highly revered business conglomerate in Oman, the Khimji Ramdas (KR) group has brought leading brands from around the world to the Sultanate. Khimji’s Lifestyle Cluster has partnered with leading Swiss chocolate makers, Läderach, to launch its very first e-commerce platform dedicated to the finest chocolates.

Almost 60 years of operational excellence, Läderach, a Swiss family business, is very proud to be a master of its trade. It connects the rainforests from where it derives the best cocoa to the Swiss Alps, which is the source of its unique taste.

To guarantee a fresh chocolate experience, Läderach maintains an intimate and personal relationship with its partners while following the strictest guidelines.

In Oman, Läderach has found its most suitable partner to reflect the same core values ​​it stands for.

“Khimji Ramdas has always been at the forefront of introducing Sultanate brands that are not only popular, but also of the highest quality. Läderach is truly redefining the art of chocolate making with an emphasis on freshness, ”said Nailesh Khimji, Director of Khimji Ramdas.

Thanks to this delicious partnership, chocolate lovers in Oman can not only feast on the finest Swiss chocolates, but, yes, order them online now and have them delivered right to their doorstep.

Customers can visit the website,

It will be the first of its kind among Sultanate customers that they will be able to order from an assortment of FrischSchoggi ™, Läderach’s registered trademark, which translates into fresh chocolate, pralines and truffles, chocolate snacks. and chocolates specially wrapped to give to a loved one.

“We are certain that this new initiative will receive an overwhelming reception. Läderach has established itself thanks to its e-commerce platforms which it has continuously developed in various countries. As the world turns to the digital space, we believe now is the right time to launch Läderach’s e-commerce website here in Oman, ”said Mr. Sachin Malhotra, COO, Khimji’s Lifestyle Cluster.

During the holy month of Ramadan, a Läderach surprise gift awaits the first 100 customers who purchase OMR 35 and above from the website.

Bringing the whole chocolate shopping experience within everyone’s reach, the website has been designed with easy navigation, making ordering and ordering quick, hassle-free and convenient.

Alternatively, customers can also order via a phone call or by dropping a WhatsApp on 92160108.

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Miami-based chocolate store CocoAddiction to open new location in St. Pete Beach

Photo via CocoAddiction / Instagram

The folks at CocoAddiction in Miami bring their homemade chocolate confections through Alligator Alley in St. Pete Beach, where they plan to open another location this spring.

According to I like the Burg, the owners revealed their plans on Instagram in January.

“We are thrilled to announce that we will be opening our first brick and mortar location in St. Pete Beach this year! More details to come soon, ”said the post office.

CocoAddiction is known for having innovative sweet dessert flavors like its salted caramel candies, pure mango and pistachio. The chocolate factory sells spreads, hazelnut chocolate cake and madelaines as well.

An official opening date is to be determined, but they will be located at 344 Corey Ave. TO website is still in progress but follow the journey on Facebook and Instagram.

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Thorntons chocolate store in Craigavon ​​among 61 to close permanently – Armagh I

The Thorntons Chocolate Factory at Rushmere Shopping Center in Craigavon ​​is scheduled to close permanently.

The chocolatier confirmed that all of its 61 UK branches would close on Monday, putting more than 600 jobs at risk.

This is the latest blow to Main Street – and Co Armagh Mall – after significant losses in recent months, including Debenhams and Topshop.

The company blamed Covid for the slowdown in footfall to its brick and mortar stores.

A spokesperson for Thorntons said: “Like many companies, we have a long history of operating in a tough and demanding retail environment.

“We are committed to transforming and developing a thriving Thorntons business area; this included significant investments to open new stores and cafes and ensure that we had stores in the right locations.

“However, the changing mainstreet dynamics, changing online customer behavior, the continued impact of Covid-19, and the many lockdown restrictions over the past year – especially during our times of key negotiations at Easter and Christmas – mean we operate under the most difficult circumstances.

“Unfortunately, like many other retailers, the barriers we have faced and will continue to face on Main Street are too severe.

“Despite our best efforts, we made the difficult decision to initiate a full consultation to initiate the final closure of our retail fleet. We understand that this will be an uncertain and worrying time for our colleagues and we will actively support them during this time. “

The company said there has been strong growth in online sales and as customers continue to change the way they shop, “we have to change with them.”

Selling online, the company confirmed, “will remain a key focus for us in order to continue to provide you with your favorite Thorntons ranges, including our unique personalization offering.”

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Godiva chocolate store in Briarwood shopping center in Ann Arbor closes

ANN ARBOR, MI – Briarwood Mall loses another store.

Home and kitchen retailer Williams-Sonoma closed this month, and clothier H&M is scheduled to close on February 13. The next stop is Godiva.

Closure of Williams-Sonoma store at Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor

H&M closes store in Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor

The luxury chocolatier has announced it will close its 128 physical stores in North America by March, Godiva said in a statement. The company said in-person shopping has declined due to the pandemic and changes in consumer shopping behaviors.

It is not known when the Ann Arbor store will officially close.

Godiva said its growth continues through online sales, as well as its grocery and retail partners.

“Our (brick and mortar) sites in North America have had a clear goal since we first opened our doors in this market: to provide consumers with an in-person experience that allows them to savor the world’s most exquisite chocolates,” said said CEO Nurtac Afridi. in a report. “We have always focused on what our consumers need and how they want to experience our brand, which is why we made this decision. “

The company will maintain its retail operations across Europe, the Middle East and China “in formats that reflect the unique cultural preferences of these markets,” according to the announcement.

Details of the employees were not disclosed.

Thai-inspired Takoi restaurant offers Ann Arbor pop-up in fight to overcome pandemic hurdles

Updates continue along non-motorized border-to-border trail in Washtenaw County

Marcus Lemonis donates $ 50,000 to Zingerman to feed the community

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Burnaby Godiva chocolate store in Metrotown closes

The COVID-19 pandemic has left a bitter taste in the mouths of so many people and now it is claiming a way to sweeten our lives.

Global chocolate giant Godiva has announced the closure of its Burnaby store in the city’s largest mall, Metropolis at Metrotown.

The company sells or closes all of its stores in North America.

The luxury chocolatier says 128 physical stores, including 11 in Canada, will close by the end of March.

This follows a series of store closings in Burnaby, including Aldo, Thyme Maternity, Pink, Microsoft and Frank and Oak.

The company declined to say how many jobs will be affected by the decision. Godiva also operates a store in Richmond.

Burnaby chocolate lovers will still have plenty of places to shop for chocolates including Charlie Chocolate Factory, Mon Paris Patisserie, Chez Christophe, Purdys and more. Some of Burnaby’s outlets currently participate in the annual Chocolate Festival.

Godiva will maintain its retail operations in Europe, the Middle East and China.

The closures mark a reversal of its strategy announced in 2019 to open 2,000 cafes worldwide, including more than 400 in North America.

He says a key part of his moves has been to focus on retail food stores and drugstores as well as online.

He noted that in-person shopping at his own stores had declined due to the pandemic and changes in consumer shopping behavior.

“Godiva is already available in many retailers across North America and we will continue to expand our presence there while still maintaining the quality, taste and innovation that have made us famous since our inception in Brussels in 1926,” said the CEO of Nurtac. Afridi.

  • With files from The Canadian Press

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Opening of a new chocolate factory in Northampton

Suzanne Forman sometimes pinches herself these days – not literally, of course – when she thinks of the sparkle of the premium dark chocolate she makes and sells in her Northampton home.

“Do I really make chocolate for a living?” She asks rhetorically.

It turns out it does. This is a second career for the Northampton woman who recently started Tangle Chocolate, a bean-to-bar chocolate business specializing in making thin, premium chocolate slices. The name of the company comes from Forman’s mental image of “tropical forests where cocoa grows, with all the tangled vines and incredible lushness everywhere,” Forman explains.

Forman first became involved in the artisanal chocolate industry in 2015, when she and a friend started Boho Chocolate, another company in the region. She embarked on starting her own business after working at Boho for several years.

“When I was with Boho and went to stores to meet shoppers, I took these little samples for them to try on. They loved them, ”Forman said. “Over time, as I learned more about the geopolitical and social justice issues surrounding chocolate, I became convinced that in order for consumers to understand the high price that this kind of chocolate commands, the chocolate… made it possible to really feel, taste, and savor the quality ingredients and traditional know-how that go into making real chocolate.

Rather than making large chocolate bars that the company has been trained to regard as something to be scalded, Forman offers chocolate in smaller sizes. She thought people would react to this because of her experience with shoppers at the store.

“Shattering it, like I do, encourages people to really slow down and savor every little bit,” she said. “People naturally hold it on their tongue because of its shape, where it melts quickly and reaches all of their taste buds, maximizing their experience of its flavors and aromas. This chocolate has nothing to do with the chocolate I grew up with. And suddenly, chocolate doesn’t become a food, but an experience.

Chocolate that Forman makes at a licensed production facility in his home sells for between $ 9.90 and $ 49.90, and gift boxes with Tangle chocolate and a variety of local produce sell for up to $ 64.90. .

Forman, who previously worked as a mind-body therapist, deeply believes in the joyful power of chocolate, and this specialty chocolate like Tangle is perfect for those who want to live mindfully.

“This chocolate brings me into the moment because it’s so tasty it grabs my attention and awakens all of my senses,” Forman said.

While many small businesses struggled during the pandemic, Forman has seen unique success. She originally planned Tangle’s grand opening for March 2020, just as things were starting to stop due to the spread of COVID-19.

“The (business closures due to the) pandemic helped lower my expectations and relax a bit, because all of a sudden I didn’t feel like I had to compete in a giant way, because… it was clearly going to be a gradual start, ”Forman said.

What she didn’t expect was that “this company is perfect for the pandemic because we all need little pick-me-ups right now … The things that a lot of people were doing that were considered special are out of context. table … We all need something to look forward to, no matter how small. In fact, in some ways, something small is better than something big, because it’s accessible. You can have some chocolate every day.

Ethical impact

Tangle is also dedicated to making an ethical product. Forman got her start in chocolate when she traveled to Belize with a group of chocolate lovers, where she learned about the ethics of the chocolate industry and the chocolate making process. As an ethical and sustainable chocolate brand, Forman pays well above fair trade prices – or the minimum price importers must pay for products such as coffee – for its cocoa, unlike most large companies. of chocolate, which are known to use slave labor.

She is part of the new Chocolate Industry for Social Justice initiative, an artisanal chocolate industry group that hopes to educate consumers and push “big chocolate” towards more ethical and sustainable practices.

The farmers of Cahabón, Guatemala, whom Forman works with are part of the ADIOESMAC cooperative which encourages women in the Cahabón community to take leadership roles and start their own businesses in addition to cocoa cultivation. The community of Cahabón is also partnering with the Guatemalan Ministry of Agriculture and various non-governmental organizations to cultivate in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Forman enjoys having a personal relationship with these Guatemalan farmers. “(Farmers) have knowledge that goes back generations. They know more about cocoa than I ever could, and I feel lucky to have them as partners.

Although Tangle sources its two ingredients (cocoa and sugarcane) from Central America, it is a deeply local business and loyal to Northampton. In recent months, Tangle has expanded to offer other locally made products in addition to its original chocolates. Tangle sells hot chocolate kits that include bespoke mugs from Black Cats Pottery in Amherst and coffee infused chocolate with coffee from YUP Coffee Roasters in Florence.

For a limited time this season, Tangle is also offering “Winter in New England” gift sets, which include products from Amherst Soaps, Sweet Birch Herbals and Mole Hollow Candles. Forman also recently started donating unwanted pods from its cocoa beans to Amherst Soaps for use as an exfoliating agent. The majority of Forman’s customers are also local in the Pioneer Valley, and they offer free local delivery through January 1.

If all goes well, Forman hopes to expand the business to a storefront in the near future.

Part of what Forman loves about running Tangle in Northampton is working with other businesses in the community.

“We all really love our city and there is a huge commitment to supporting local businesses and local businesses that support each other, which makes it a total pleasure to be here,” she said.

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Läderach opens flagship chocolate factory on 5th Avenue in New York

Läderach, the largest Swiss chocolate retailer in the industry, has opened the world’s largest flagship store in New York City on 5th Avenue.

With nearly 60 years of activity as a Swiss family business, Läderach’s retail and e-commerce expansion builds on its entry into London, Toronto and its other outlet in New York, opened in November 2019.

Just in time for the winter season, the 2,500 square foot New York flagship store marks its 100th store opening worldwide. The company also said that another outlet in the United States is expected to open in Washington, DC Union Station in February 2021.

We make fresh, artisanal chocolate from Switzerland, and our first store in New York and our e-commerce performance proves that there is a demand for our unique chocolate experience.Said Johannes Läderach, CEO of Läderach-chocolatier suisse. “We are excited to meet the growing demand for premium chocolate in the United States with this expansion.. “

Because the company controls the entire production and distribution circuit, the freshness of Läderach products is “incomparable,He claims. The chocolate is made in-house from bean to bar, hand finished and brought directly to its wholly owned retail stores.

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In pictures: Whittaker’s opens its first chocolate factory

Whittaker’s first store opened yesterday at Auckland International Airport. Photo / Supplied

In case you missed it: It was one of the best Herald stories on social media this week.

Whittaker’s kiwifruit chocolate company has opened its very first store.

The company yesterday opened its first physical presence at Auckland International Airport – after more than 120 years in business.

Whittaker’s Marketing Director Jasmine Currie said the store would allow the chocolate brand to engage with chocolate lovers when they leave the country.

“We are very excited to finally share the news of the opening of our first permanent storefront,” said Currie.

“Our store at the airport will allow us to engage directly with Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers, enriching the fantastic interaction we have with them through our social channels.”

The store will be operated by French retail company Lagardère Travel Retail.

Currie said the store opening reflected the popularity of the chocolate brand, both with New Zealanders and abroad.

Matt Whittaker, Sales Director at Whittaker.  Photo / Supplied.
Matt Whittaker, Sales Director at Whittaker. Photo / Supplied.

“We constantly hear from Whittaker chocolate lovers about the high demand for Whittaker’s from friends and family overseas. The new Whittaker’s store will be the perfect comfort for any traveler who needs an authentic Kiwi gift. “

Przemek Lesniak, Managing Director of Lagardère Travel Retail for the Pacific Region, said the company was proud to have developed the store concept.

“We are extremely proud to have worked with Whittaker’s to develop this concept and deliver their very first retail store, reflecting the values ​​of the Whittaker brand,” he said.

“It’s a real testament to our shared vision.”

Whittaker’s has been voted New Zealand’s most trusted brand for seven years in a row.

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Opening of a new gourmet chocolate factory in Mississauga

Posted by Ashley Newport

Posted on August 14, 2020 at 10:02 p.m.

COVID-19 cannot prevent new (and unique) businesses from settling in Mississauga.

Those who enjoy chocolate, dates and chocolate coated dates might be delighted to learn that Palm Bites, a company specializing in gourmet dark chocolate coated dates (which are also filled and coated with nuts) has just opened a brick and mortar store in Mississauga.

“We are opening the very first chocolate coated date store in Canada,” a Palm Bites spokesperson said in an email to

“We are a small, family-owned business that went into the market during COVID and found success in this healthy and delicious treat. Since then we have decided to build our own commercial kitchen and retail space.

The store celebrated its grand opening on August 15th.

The company claims that its Palm Bites are vegan, gluten-free, halal, and made with kosher ingredients. As for variety, the boxes – which typically cost between $ 30 and $ 45 – come in peanut, pistachio, almond, hazelnut, and mixed varieties.

Palm Bites also offers Revive Superfood smoothies, Hale coffee, and other local produce.

Operators also say there is a corner in the store called “The Last Minute Gift Shop” that offers last minute gifts created by local brands and creatives that can be gifted with a box of Palm Bites.

The brand also sells products on its official website.

Are you going to try gourmet dates in Mississauga?

Cover photo courtesy of the official Palm Bites Facebook page

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