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UK’s Top 10 Most Popular Chocolate Brands 2021 | Reports

1. Cadbury Dairy Milk

Value: £ 652.3m (+ 2.8%)

Cadbury Dairy Milk continues to lead chocolate sales.

The brand grew its sales by 2.8% over the past year, while continuing to build on an exceptional 2020, in which it moved an additional 71.7 million packs.

Creamy Milk Galaxy

2. Galaxy

Value: 202.3 million pounds sterling (+ 6.7%)

Galaxy, runner-up, is starting to recoup some of the lost sales during a disastrous 2020, when supply issues during the first nationwide lockdown played into the hands of rivals such as Cadbury.

In December, Galaxy owner Mars unveiled a major rebranding, which he said would “modernize the brand for a new era.”


3. Lindt Lindor

Value: £ 185.9m (+ 23.1%)

The star performer last year was arguably third-party Lindt Lindor, who added over £ 30million in extra sales. Reporting strong mid-year sales in July, Lindt said its Lindor and Excellence lines were the main drivers of sales growth during the period.

Maltesers Easter 2021

4. Maltesers

Value: £ 181.7m (+ 1.7%)

Kinder Surprise 100g Oeuf_Renne

5. Kinder

Value: £ 159.4m (+ 8%)

Cadbury Wispa Tourbillon PMP 1.10 €

6. Cadbury Whirlpool

Value: £ 111.2m (+ 2.8%)


7. KitKat

Value: £ 101.3m (-1%)

Cadbury Wispa Tourbillon PMP 1.10 €

8. Cadbury Wispa

Value: £ 101.0m (-2.3%)

Aero Caramel

9. Aero

Value: £ 86.3 million (+ 11%)


10. M&M

Value: £ 85.7 million (-17%)

The big loser among the top 10 brands was M & M’s, which saw its value drop to 17.5%. M & M’s, owned by Mars, faces stiff competition in the sharing subcategory, especially from challenger brands like Doisy & Dam, which recently launched their own vegan version of M & M’s chocolate-coated peanuts.

Data from: Nielsen (52 w / e July 17, 2021)

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These 7 brands of CBD chocolate never fail to please me

I used to really like a glass of red or a small glass of bourbon before bed to relax. Sadly, once I hit my 30s, what seemed like a magical sleep elixir suddenly turned into a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The nightcap helped me fall asleep only to wake up a few hours later in seizures and start over the rest of the evening. Research has shown that alcohol is bad enough for overall sleep, so I set out to find another bedtime snack or drink that would help signal my brain that it was time to relax.

Enter the CBD. By now, you’ve probably heard of THC’s non-psychoactive parent, cannabidiol, also known as CBD. CBD is a compound derived from the hemp plant and is officially legal in the United States thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018. As CBD expert Jamie Evans and author of The Ultimate Guide to CBD previously told Well + Good, “CBD has the potential to help ease anxiety, aid muscle recovery, and relieve migraines.” Research is still limited, however some studies have shown that CBD has a calming effect on the central nervous system, which means that it can be especially useful for relaxing at bedtime.

There are many ways to benefit from CBD, if you want to, from drinks to candy to tinctures. But what better than a little after-dinner chocolate to start a relaxing evening and optimize your rest? Prepare to fall asleep with the best CBD chocolates on the market, with options ranging from classic bars to dreamy hot chocolate mixes.

Keep in mind that CBD affects everyone differently, so start slow and see how your body responds before you stock up on goodies for a year. Also, always consult a doctor before adding anything new to your routine, especially if you are taking other medications or have any health concerns.

The 7 best brands of CBD chocolate to make you happy

Lord Jones Dark Chocolate Espresso Bites – $ 30.00

The small amount of coffee in these chewy chocolates won’t hamper your sleep cycle, but it will add just the right note of bitterness to complement the sweet chocolate in these small batch treats. Brand endorsed by Kristen Bell Lord Jones contains 20 mg of CBD in each individually wrapped candy, so you can enjoy it as often as you want without worrying about the rest of the box spoiling. Having packaging also means you can take them worry-free.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil in Mint Chocolate – $ 119.00

One night I forgot to eat my piece of CBD chocolate until I had brushed my teeth already, and that’s when I started to like it. Charlotte’s Web Chocolate Mint CBD Oil. With a whopping 60 mg per ml, this isn’t necessarily for those new to CBD. But for a stronger dose of one of the most trusted brands of CBD on the market, this oil is a wise and tasty choice. It’s also my travel go-to because, unlike other chocolate choices, it won’t melt in my car, purse, or pocket.


Beam CBD Dream Powder – $ 95.00

As Well + Good has already praised, the Dream Beam The hot chocolate blend of CBD, vitamins and minerals has the power to transform your bedtime routine and help you reach your deep sleep goals. It also happens to be sugar-free and tastes delicious with water or almond milk for a silky, slightly spicy beverage that’s so warming. The drink uses nano CBD, which is formulated to be more soluble in water and therefore is more easily absorbed by your body.

Noirebuds CBD Chocolates – $ 20.00

Noirebud has created an ultra-luxurious line of CBD chocolates with mouth-watering flavors – think milk chocolate caramel espresso, white chocolate strawberry rose, dulce de leche and dark chocolate with strawberries, seeds. of hemp and almond granola. The handcrafted, small-batch bars contain 100 mg of CBD each, so you can dose yourself as much or as little as the evening calls for.

Mello Organic CBD Bar – $ 20.00

Greater Goods CBD candy bars are incredibly delicious. With flavors like orange ginger, mint hibiscus, and mocha crunch, these are some of the most inventive edible CBD products on the market from a taste standpoint. They are also organic, vegan, fair trade and non-GMO.

Kana Pure Chocolate Mint CBD Honey Sticks – $ 18.00

There’s no addition to a cup of evening peppermint tea more delicious than chocolate-mint-infused honey, packed with 10 mg of CBD per stick. Pure Kana has come up with one of the most innovative ways to ingest CBD, and we’re here for it. The ingredient list only contains honey, CBD extract, chocolate liqueur, and peppermint oil. Honey sticks are also extremely portable and affordable at $ 15 for a pack of 10. Simple, gentle and an effective way to relax, what more could you ask for?

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links can earn a Well + Good commission.

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chocolate brands like Nestlé, Lindt, Toblerone are all Swiss

Did you know that your favorite chocolate brands like Nestlé, Lindt, Toblerone are all Swiss? The chocolates from this beautifully diverse country are famous around the world for several reasons. Here they are:

Sweet story

The nation has a long history of excellence in chocolate making that dates back 200 years when François-Louis Cailler opened the first mechanized chocolate factory in Vevey in 1819. He put into practice all the tricks he had learned as a as an intern in Ticino with the Italian chocolatiers. This was the beginning of Switzerland’s love affair with chocolate which continues today with local chocolatiers still using traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation. Although the Swiss chocolate industry is founded on tradition, it always seeks to innovate, which is one of the secrets of its success. In 1887, after many attempts, Swiss chocolate maker Daniel Peter created the original formula for what would become the world’s first successful milk chocolate. Peter called his product “Gala” from the Greek, which means “milk”. Before that, chocolate was not considered a delicacy. It was more of a nourishing and medicinal food due to its bitter taste. Apart from that, the Swiss have taught confectioners several new and important techniques like tempering chocolate and conching to texturize and flavor chocolate which creates a melt-in-the-mouth experience.

Passionate chocolate makers

Last year, one of the oldest Swiss chocolate makers in the world, Lindt, launched the “Maison du Chocolat” in Zurich. This 65,000 square foot, three-storey, multifunctional museum space, dedicated solely to chocolate, is dedicated to the history and production of one of Switzerland’s most delicious exports. The space is also home to the world’s largest “chocolate fountain” which rises to 9m at the entrance to the building, as well as the world’s largest Lindt Chocolate Factory, a Lindt Café and a Lindt Chocolate Factory for those who like to do it. their own chocolate. the creations. Ode to the world of chocolate addicts, this chocolate paradise is another reason we all need to add Switzerland to our travel lists!

Chocolate Tours

Across Switzerland, travelers can experience various chocolate tasting tours in Zurich, Bern and Basel. One of the most unique and fun chocolate tours takes guests through Lavaux. On this itinerary, travelers can go on a hike to learn more about the history of this sweet temptation while savoring the delights of Grand Cru pralines! You can also visit the Funky Chocolate Club in Interlaken to discover the art of chocolate making. The Club provides visitors with aprons, a chef’s hat and all the necessary ingredients to put themselves in the shoes of a real chocolate maker and create a personalized Choco masterpiece!

In addition to the circuits, the Montreux-Bernese Oberland railway has dedicated an entire train to the world’s most irresistible temptation. The Chocolate train runs between Montreux and the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory in Broc and is a “must see” for those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth as well as for railway and travel enthusiasts. With such an abundance of chocolate available across the country, it’s not hard to imagine that the Swiss are the biggest consumers of chocolate than any other nation in the world. They eat a record 11 kg of chocolate per year! No wonder then that they are very happy. Chocolate is known to have extremely calming properties and is a known brain stimulator. So the best thing you can do to forget about the news and morbid thoughts these days would be grab a Swiss chocolate bar, cheer yourself up, and relax!

By Puja Gupta


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Nestlé combines chocolate brands with popcorn for new range

Nestlé has launched a new line of confectionery called Combos, which combines some of its most popular brands of chocolate with popcorn.

The range includes Aero Combos, a blend of Aero bubbles, caramel popcorn and dark chocolate malt balls; Rolo Combos, a mix of Little Rolos, caramel popcorn and fudge bites; and Milkybar Combos, a mix of Milkybar chunks, caramel popcorn and milk chocolate digestive balls.

All three varieties come in share bags and will be available from Asda this month with a suggested retail price of £ 2.50. They will go on sale in other supermarkets, wholesale and convenience stores and value retailers from August.

Cat Mews Brand Director said, “Our new sharing line is aimed at providing consumers with a deliciously different sweet snack experience. We’ve taken three of our most popular candy brands and taken them to the next level.

“Aero, Rolo and Milkybar Combos are mouthwatering blends that offer a unique blend of tastes and textures. Whether it’s a movie night with the family or a picnic with friends, the Aero, Rolo and Milkybar Combos are a treat for any occasion.

NAM implications:
  • The Aero, Rolo and Milkybar Combos offer a unique blend of tastes and textures …
  • While reminding consumers of three heritage brands.

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Australian CHOICE experts put hot chocolate brands to the test, including Lindt, Cadbury and Nestlé

What is the BEST hot chocolate? Consumer experts put popular brands to the test – and the winner is a $ 3 supermarket purchase

  • Consumer experts tested 19 varieties of hot chocolate to find the best
  • Hot chocolate products classified as CHOICE based on taste and value for money
  • Coles Hot Chocolate supermarket brand ($ 3) crowned winner
  • It beat the fierce competition from popular brands such as Lindt and Cadbury

Australian consumer experts from CHOICE put 19 varieties of hot chocolate to the test to find the one that tastes the best.

In a blind taste test, judges rated supermarket hot chocolate products based on overall taste, value for money, sugar and cocoa content.

Among the products tested, supermarket brand Coles Hot Chocolate ($ 3) beat stiff competition from popular brands such as Lindt, Cadbury, Nestle, Jarrah and Avalanche to take the top spot.

Consumer experts tested 19 varieties of hot chocolate to find which tastes the best

Revealed: Top 10 Hot Chocolate

1. Coles Hot Chocolate: 78% ($ 3)

2. Nestlé Aero Hot Choc: 74% ($ 6.30)

3. Cadbury Instant Hot Chocolate Mix: 73% ($ 5)

4. Aldi Dairy Fine Drinking Chocolate: 69% ($ 2.99)

5. Nestlé Milo: 67% ($ 7)

6. Woolworths Classic Hot Chocolate: 64% ($ 3.25)

7. Avalanche Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate: 62% ($ 4.80)

8. Coles hot chocolate (sachets): 62% ($ 3.25)

9. Lindt Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate Flakes: 62% ($ 7.50)

10. Nestlé Nesquik chocolate: 61% ($ 5.50)

The low cost purchase received the highest rating, scoring 78 percent.

Taste testers stated that the hot chocolate had a “nice luxurious mouthfeel” and was “sweet”, “forgiving” and “satisfying”.

In second place, Nestlé Aero Hot Choc ($ 6.30) got an honorable 74 percent.

‘Best of the bunch so far – easy to mix, nice flavor, not too sweet. The foam is rich, ”one judge said, while others insisted the drink was“ pleasant ”.

The Cadbury Instant Hot Chocolate Mix ($ 5) received 73 percent.

‘Beautiful, creamy texture / palate, almost silky. Pleasant taste, not too sweet, great cocoa taste with no fun aftertaste. All in all a nice hot chocolate, ”said one judge.

If you’re on a tight budget, Aldi Dairy Fine Drinking Chocolate ($ 2.99) was one of the cheapest hot chocolates on the market, costing just 75 cents per 100g.

For those looking for indulgence, experts have recommended Lindt Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate Flakes ($ 7.50), which are decadent flakes that melt in hot milk.

“This is the highest calorie hot chocolate we’ve looked at. One cup, prepared according to package directions, contains 1221 kJ, or 14% of the recommended daily kilojoule intake for the average adult, ”the experts said.

At $ 1.39 a serving, it’s also the most expensive hot chocolate.

Avalanche Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate ($ 4.80)

Coles Hot Chocolate ($ 3.25 sachets)

Avalanche Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate ($ 4.80) and Coles Hot Chocolate ($ 3.25 sachets) round out the top 10.

If you’re trying to cut down on added sugar in your diet but still want to treat yourself to guilt-free hot chocolate, experts have recommended Avalanche Sugar-Free Drinking Chocolate ($ 4.80).

Among the products tested, the brand contained the lowest sugar with only 0.1g per 100g.

It contains non-nutritious sweeteners – erythritol and Stevia – which add a sweet taste without the kilojoules associated with added sugars.

Nestlé Milo ($ 7), Woolworths Classic Hot Chocolate ($ 3.25), Coles Hot Chocolate ($ 3.25 sachets) and Nestlé Nesquik Chocolate ($ 5.50) round out the top 10.

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Nestlé Adds Popcorn to Chocolate Brands with the Launch of Combos | New

Nestlé is mixing its “most popular” confectionery brands with popcorn in a new sharing concept.

Called Combos, the new packs combine Aero, Rolo, and Milkybar with popcorn and other sweet snacks.

Aero Combos feature Aero bubbles and decadent chocolate malt balls. Rolo Combos, on the other hand, contain Little Rolos and “melt-in-your-mouth” fudge bites. Finally, the Milkybar Combos include creamy Milkybar pieces and crispy milk chocolate digestive balls.

The NPD would offer buyers a “unique and delicious combination of tastes and textures,” Nestlé said (rsp: £ 2.50 / 110-125 g).

They’ll be arriving in Asda from mid-July, with listings in other supermarkets, wholesale and convenience stores, and value retailers to follow from August.

“Our new sharing range aims to provide consumers with a deliciously different sweet snack experience,” said Cat Mews, Nestlé Brand Manager.

“Whether it’s a movie night with the family or a picnic with friends, the Aero, Rolo and Milkybar Combos are a treat for any occasion. We can’t wait for people to try them out.

It is the latest in a series of NPD confectionery brands Nestlé.

In January, it added a new line of vegan pudding-inspired candies to its Rowntree line.

Called Dessert Pastilles, the packs contain four flavors: Mango Sorbet, Blueberry Pie, Cherry Bakewell and Apple Crumble.

Last year, he unveiled a trio of Smarties Buttons, which feature chocolate-covered Mini Smarties.

Upon launch, Alberto Pisanello, Head of Smarties Brand, said: “Consumers tell us they love their favorite brands to keep things fresh with exciting innovations and new varieties to try. “

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eight United Arab Emirates chocolate brands to satisfy that sweet tooth

Whether you like it dark or milk, bar or drink, pure or filled, there’s nothing like chocolate to sweeten the day. With World Chocolate Day celebrated on July 7 every year, it’s time to pay homage to the dream concoction, a single puff of which makes life more enjoyable.

This year, why not look beyond the marquee treats at the grocery store? Explore some of the local chocolatiers we have access to in the UAE, so you can get your teeth into sweets, while supporting local businesses.

Here are eight brands to discover.

Al Nassma

Boasting the world’s first camel milk chocolate factory, Al Nassma is a brand from the United Arab Emirates that has become synonymous with the taste of Arabian chocolates – not only in the region, but around the world (in 2015, the brand made a deal with Harrods to sell their chocolates in the famous London department store).

Al Nassma was established in the United Arab Emirates in 2008 after years of research into camel milk. Today, his chocolates come in different flavors and shapes. Choose from white, milk and dark bars, with or without nuts, or try camel-shaped chocolates, which make great keepsakes and gifts.

Prices start from Dh29 for a bar; available at select Carrefour and Waitrose branches, at Dubai Airport terminals; and online on and

Blue chocolate

This Emirati artisanal chocolatier was founded in 2017 by Mohammad Al Qassimi and takes pride in his bean-to-bar chocolate making, which occurs in the United Arab Emirates.

Cocoa beans come from places such as Madagascar, Tanzania, Peru, Ecuador and Guatemala, and are roasted and blended to create a range of flavors that will delight the taste buds. There is everything from praline ganache and truffles to bars (or bars), not to mention chocolate coated nuts and dates of your choice.

Customers can choose different flavors for the boxes or customize chocolates for special occasions. For a taste of the unusual, try Blu’s yogurt, cheesecake, Arabian coffee ganache or a strawberry and cocoa nib chocolate wafer.

Prices vary from Dh195 to Dh350 per kilogram; available at Mirdif Street, Dubai; Nation Towers, Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi; and via Instagram: @bluchocolateae

Brix Desserts

Most foodies in the UAE would have heard of Brix Dessert Bar, a chic UAE-born brand located in the fishing port of Jumeirah (it was also recently launched on Time Out Market). While many of his creations are dreamy (his African Powerhouse cake is a must-have), most don’t know that he also creates handmade chocolate bars, which look like works of art.

You have the choice between three flavors: rose, based on white chocolate and rose essence; pistachio, dark chocolate, pistachios and walnuts; and salted butter caramel, a gourmet creation with dark chocolate, salt, cream and cocoa nibs. Brix also offers a range of truffles and chocolate candies.

Dh35 each for bars; available at Jumeirah Fishing Port and Time Out Market in Souk Al Bahar; and via Instagram: @brix_desserts

Co Chocolate

The brand was inspired by sisters Iman and Luchie Suguitan’s desire to find healthy chocolate after their mother was diagnosed with diabetes. Their trip took them to the island of Mindanao in the Philippines, where they worked with local farmers to learn more about cocoa.

Co Chocolat, launched in 2016, specializes in chocolates with healthy ingredients such as turmeric, macha and moringa. The brand limits its use of refined sugar, preferring coconut sugar or dates, and also supports farmers in the Philippines through Overseas Filipinos Supporting Filipino Farmers, a social enterprise.

“Our USP is that our cocoa is farm-to-table,” says Iman. “We control the growth of our cocoa trees, the way the beans are fermented. We see the quality produced and know exactly how farmers are empowered through chocolate ”.

The Co Chocolat range includes everything from spreads to hot chocolate. Meanwhile, the bars come in creative, vibrantly colored wrappers and designs that are perfect for gift giving.

Bars are priced at Dh28 each; available at Candylicious in the Dubai Mall and Dubai Airport; Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi; online at

Coco jalila

Launched as a passionate project by a woman by Emirati Najah Al Muntafiq in 2010, Coco Jalila now counts Emirates Airline, Emaar Hospitality and Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts among its clients. The secret lies in his unique creations: they are made with less sugar and more cocoa butter, and the melting chocolates can also be enjoyed on their own, but also incredibly well with coffee.

The brand has also collaborated with master chocolatier Guido Gobino from Turin to produce a range inspired by Italian taste and flair. On the must-have list, Coco Luna, stuffed with gianduja with hazelnuts and crushed pistachios; Coco Rocca, made with crushed caramelized almonds, nougat, coffee beans and date paste; and the Sea Salt Cremino, milk chocolate with organic sea salt and olive oil.

Prices start from 250 Dh per kilogram; available at the pastry counters in the lobby lounges of Address Hotels & Resorts; and online on

Forrey & Galland

While not a UAE brand per se, it has an intriguing history. Forrey & Galland was first established in Paris, selling luxury chocolate in the early 1900s. However, when UAE residents Isabelle Jaouen and Vincent Moret realized that Moret’s family owned the brand, they decided to revive it in the Middle East.

Today, Forrey & Galland has only two branches: at the Dubai Mall and at Fiorenza La Piazza, in Riyadh. Walk into these stores and you’ll find it’s all about experience, from personalizations to tastings. Customers can choose classic or luxurious boxes and mix and match chocolate flavors including zaatar milk ganache, Omani halwa, and Arabica coffee.

A classic box is priced at 115 Dh; available at the Dubai Mall; and online on

Made by two

For chocolate that looks more like a work of art, Made by Two is your best bet. It is a sister brand of the Instagrammable Two at Symphony cafe and can be found on Fashion Avenue at the Dubai Mall.

This artisanal chocolate shop was launched in November 2020 by Mouza Alabbar, to offer a “niche chocolate experience” inspired by art and design. That’s why every chocolate sold is hand painted and features a myriad of designs created using pops of color and gold dust.

The brand is also committed to celebrating the traditional tastes of the Emirates through its collections. Some nostalgic chocolate flavors include Gahwa Sky, an Arabic coffee creation, and Halawa Dust, with a traditional halwa and pistachio taste, both made from chocolate from locally sourced cocoa beans. There’s even an Oman Chocolate Chips for those who want something sweet with a hint of spice.

Prices for individual chocolates vary and can be purchased at the cafe; personalized boxes start from 290 Dh; available at the Dubai Mall; Instagram: @ made.bytwo


It is impossible to list the brands of house chocolate without mentioning Mirzam. The Emirati brand launched Dubai’s first bar bean factory in Al Quoz in 2016, and has since won numerous awards for its artisanal chocolates, including its Single Origin Dark Chocolate from India, Dark Chocolate with Dates and fennel and its dark chocolate. with Rose.

Named after a star, Mirzam sources directly from Vietnam, Indonesia, Madagascar, India and Papua New Guinea, all countries that were part of the spice route and sea-dhow trade with the Arabs in this region.

Its chocolate making process is completely transparent and the brand also offers factory tours, tastings and workshops.

For those looking for a taste of the region, Mirzam has an Emirati collection, with flavors such as milk chocolate with luqaimat, dark chocolate with halwa, dark chocolate with khabeesa, and white chocolate with aseda. The brand also works with artists to create the packaging for its candy bars, making it a creative and delicious gift option.

Prices start from Dh34 for a bar; available at Al Quoz, Dubai; Qasr Al Hosn, Abu Dhabi; and online on

Update: July 6, 2021, 10:49 a.m.

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Soul Filler Artisanal Dark Chocolate Brands in India

If gluttony is a sin, we surrender for the love of dark chocolates.

Dark chocolates are a great source of antioxidants and minerals. Studies have shown that consuming dark chocolate in moderate amounts can reduce the risk of heart disease and improve your brain function. They also promise an invigorating taste and aroma. Fancy a dark chocolate bar already? We have compiled a list of artisanal and local dark chocolate brands in India that you can count on to satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings.

Best Dark Chocolate Brands in India –


Founded in 2011, Chokriti specializes in all-natural handcrafted chocolates sourced from sustainable organic cocoa farms in South India and premium cocoa from Belgium. Chokriti is the country’s first online chocolate brand with two goals: “Saving good people from bad chocolate” and “Bringing art, purity and creativity into chocolate products made in India”. Inspired by the culture and traditions of India, the brand makes chocolates that are not only aesthetic, but also represent the flavors of the country. You can choose from favors like Tulsi Orange, Rooh Afza, and Kaju Kulfi. Chokriti offers up to 70% cocoa in its bars. They deliver both to India and overseas.

Price: Rs 290 and more
How to order: Through the website

Mason & Cie

Dark chocolates

Mason & Co was founded by two chocolate aficionados in Auroville. All Mason & Co products are handcrafted by an all-female workforce. The chocolatier works closely with the farmers to source only the highest quality cocoa. Plus, all chocolates are vegan. You can choose from cinnamon, raisin, peppermint to add more flavor to your dark chocolate. With Mason & Co, you not only get a truly premium artisan chocolate experience, but you are also doing your part for the environment and the farming community.

Price: Rs 295 and more
How to order: Going through website

All the things

Dark chocolates

The All Things chocolate bar and wrapper will instantly appear unique to you. All Things says it’s a brand of chocolate inspired by the simple joys of life. Based in Jaipur, the brand sources carefully selected ingredients from around the world. They also have an India specific range where they use ingredients only sourced from India. You can choose from dark, white, vegan and milk chocolates with various flavor fusions like rose and pistachio. They use cocoa from Malabar and Madagascar for their range of dark chocolate.

Price: Rs 180 and more
How to order: Going through website


Dark chocolates

If you want to buy a wide variety of chocolates and chocolate products, look no further than Fantasie. Founded in 1946, it is one of the oldest brands of artisanal chocolate in India. The company believes in sustainability and is known for making handcrafted chocolates in limited numbers to provide a truly special experience. With gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan and more options, Fantasie has chocolate for everyone. In their dark collection you can choose from the classic Fantasie Dark Chocolate or go for the Belgium 100% Black Chocolate.

Price: Rs 180 and more
How to order: Stores in Mumbai and Pune, or order in line


Based in Chennai, Kocoatrait is proud to be the first sustainable organic luxury chocolate brand, zero waste, single origin and contributing to the circular economy. They use products made locally in India and promote a very environmentally friendly production process to reduce the carbon footprint. Kocoatrait is also an all-female army drawn from local communities. Choose from flavors like lemongrass, cranberry, banana, and jaggery for your eco-friendly Kocoatrait dark chocolate cravings.

Price: Rs 235 and more


Dark chocolates

Formerly known as Earth Loaf, Naviluna is an award-winning artisanal chocolatier based in Mysuru. They only use Indian cocoa from Malabar, Kerala and Karnataka for their chocolates. You can fuse your Naviluna dark chocolate with orange, pepper, lime and pineapple. Naviluna is also available in beautifully crafted packaging which only enhances the premium dark chocolate experience.

Price: Rs 390 and more
How to order: Going through website


Founded in 2015, this Bengaluru-based chocolatier promises the ultimate chocolate couverture experience. Smoor products are made by the best chocolate experts around the world. The brand recently introduced its line of feel-good peels which combine 82% dark chocolate with immunity-focused ingredients like Amla, Ashwagandha, Tulsi and Giloy. These ingredients further increase the health quotient of dark chocolates. They deliver to India.

Price: Rs 350 and more
How to order: Available in stores in Bangalore and Mumbai; order online via Swiggy and Zomato


Pascati is the first Indian chocolate maker USDA Organic and Fairtrade. Based in Kerala, Pascati offers a range of dark chocolates from the Idukki and Malabar regions of Kerela. Pascati also offers different flavors to choose from. The chocolatier promises its customers a true high-end dark chocolate experience.

Price: 280 rupees
How to order: Going through website

All images: courtesy marks; Images of heroes and stars: Courtesy of Shutterstock

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Ghana threatens to expose chocolate brands that underpay farmers

Economic news for Wednesday 23 June 2021


Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana introduced bonus program in 2021 to help cocoa farmers lift themselves out of poverty

• Ghana blamed low-paid farmers’ brands of chocolate

• He said the chocolate brands did not follow the cocoa bonus program introduced

• Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire are the world’s leading cocoa producers

Ghana has said it will expose chocolate makers who pay farmers for their products, the BBC reported.

Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, being the world’s largest cocoa producers, have introduced a program to make cocoa cultivation rewarding for farmers.

This premium payment system, according to the two countries, will help cocoa farmers to lift themselves out of poverty.

In the face of the global coronavirus pandemic, demand for cocoa has experienced a deficit which has caused supply to exceed demand.

Major cocoa farmers have accused buyers of asking farmers for unfair discounts as well as not wanting to follow the premium payment system.

The BBC reported that the managing director of the Ghanaian cocoa regulator COCOBOD, Joseph Boahen Aidoo, believes that “It is like robbing consumers by collecting bonuses on chocolate bars and then refusing to pay when they are sold. purchase of cocoa beans. “

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The ten richest chocolate brands in the world

Due to the increase in the number of chocolate buyers from year to year, the cocoa market has simultaneously improved in terms of sales and popularity. There are several medical debates on how chocolate affects health. It is considered an aphrodisiac, which induces a feeling of happiness. However, an excess can be harmful to health due to its high sugar content.

The growing popularity of chocolate brands around the world is partly due to the fact that they tend to meet new market needs, as regulated amount of sugar or new flavors in their offerings. Having an increased number of options is pretty exciting for chocolate lovers. It also gives the brand the opportunity to create new tastes and evolve, making them stand out from the crowd.

So here are some of the brands that are making a lot of money selling the ever popular chocolates.

ten Guylian

The most appealing thing about Guylian chocolates is their fancy seashell shaped pralines. Made and made in Belgium, the shell-shaped chocolates are made even more decadent with their delicious fillings.

Belgium is the hub of chocolate manufacturers, and this brand is one of the most popular. It was founded by Guy Foubert in 1958 and was later taken over by Lotte Confectionery in 2008 priced at over $ 164 million. Guylian is also a favorite because of the cute gift boxes the company has on offer.

9 Orion Corp.

Orion Corp is a company based in Seoul, South Korea. It specializes in delicious chocolate snacks, making it one of the richest in the world and the third brand in South Korea.

He had a serious impact in Asia as his chocolate pie is incredibly popular on the continent. Besides chocolate, he also makes cookies, gums, cookies, pies, etc. Besides America, Orion Corp has its food products established in markets like China, Russia and Vietnam. Its net sales are approximately $ 1.8 billion.

8 Pladis

Pladis is a brand that doesn’t just make chocolate; it is also the parent company of United Biscuits, Ülker, Godiva Chocolatier and DeMet’s Candy Company. The company was recently founded as a subsidiary of Yıldız Holding and is based in Great Britain.

Pladis a net sales of approximately $ 4.5 billion. The brand has had such extensive activities that it now has factories in nearly 13 countries. It is a popular chocolate brand in around 120 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the United States.

7 Mondelez International

The multinational corporation that collectively owns the top rated chocolate brands like Cadbury and Toblerone is Mondelez International and is headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois. Some well-known labels like Oreo and Chips Ahoy are also subsidiaries of this company.

Mondelez International controls not only the chocolate and confectionery brands, but also several other food and snack products. Mondelez’s head office is in Chicago, but is operational in approximately 120 countries. Hershey’s declined his offer to buy the brand for about $ 23 million.

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6 Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli AG

Besides Belgium, Switzerland is also famous for its art of making chocolate. Lindt & Sprüngli AG is considered to be the most popular chocolate brand in the country.

Its head office is located in Kilchberg, Switzerland, and it is also very famous for its truffles. Lindt ice cream is also very popular in countries in Europe and Australia. It has also become a favorite in America in recent years and now has an annual turnover of around $ 4 billion.

5 Nestlé SA

Nestlé is another Swiss brand that not only manufactures chocolate but also drinks. With a staggering annual turnover of $ 8 billion, it is one of the largest manufacturers of sugar confectionery in the world.

Nestlé’s high sales figures are mainly due to the fact that it is also one of the largest producers of food and drink in various countries. Nestlé has also been endorsed by several famous personalities and is operational in over 191 countries.

4 Hershey Co

Talk about an American chocolate brand that is among the richest manufacturers in the world, and Hershey’s wins the race. Although Hershey’s has experienced a slight slowdown recently, it has managed to stay in the top 5 brands.

It’s headquartered in Derry Township, Pa. And was founded by Milton S. Hershey in 1984. Hershey’s Kisses and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are some of the company’s signature chocolate products, which are probably on the company’s favorites list. most chocolate lovers.

3 Meiji Co Ltd

Meiji is one of the 5 richest chocolate brands in the world; however, he is at the top in Japan. Tokyo-based Meiji is strangely versatile as it produces not only chocolate confectionery but pharmaceuticals as well.

2 Ferrero Rocher

There wouldn’t be a lot of people who don’t like Ferrero Rocher. This world famous chocolate is the creation of the Ferrero Group, which is an Italian confectionery group founded in 1979.

This is the idea of ​​Michele Ferrero, who created the Ferrero Rocher sweet chocolate ball in 1979. At the time, he also owned the Ferrero Spa. The packaging of this confectionery is one of its exclusives that conquers the hearts of its customers.

1 Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Mars is considered the largest manufacturer of chocolate confectionery, but it is not just chocolate products that Mars produces. It has popular sub-brands such as Snickers, Skittles, Galaxy, and M & Ms.

It also specializes in pet food and animal care in addition to providing certain other food products. The Mars bar is perhaps the most famous product made by the company. It is the richest chocolate manufacturing company with an annual turnover of $ 18 billion.

Many chocolate brands have made history since their inception. However, these names are some of the most epic that have made them the richest chocolate brands in the world thanks to their exceptional chocolate making and business skills.

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