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What’s cooking with Caxton | Vronika Dye shares her chocolate cake recipe that never fails


DO YOU know this recipe that is always a hit with the family? The one that’s guaranteed to leave clean plates all around? The one that isn’t too detailed, just simple and quick? Yes, that one… we want to share it in our new feature, “What’s Cooking with Caxton”.

In our ‘What’s Cooking with Caxton’ feature, local residents will tell us about their favorite recipes, from the simplest to the most inspiring, all with the aim of helping you make every day delicious. You’ll never run out of great recipe ideas again.

Forest Hills resident Vronika Dye shared with us one of her many recipes: the special chocolate cake she bakes for her grandson’s birthday.

Dye said she has always loved cooking, which is why she created a cookbook for herself years ago. “When my daughter was in primary school 38 years ago, I was in charge of the Forest View Bake where I raised money for my cookbook. This money also helped me get started in sales of hot dogs, and that’s how I got my nickname “Mrs Hotdog”.

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“I remember as a child, almost every Friday, I cooked for my parents. I fell in love with this chocolate cake and always have it in my fridge, especially when my grandkids come to visit,” she said.

The recipe is as follows:

4 eggs, separated
250ml cooking oil
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
2 ¼ cups cake flour (560 ml)
1 ½ cups sugar (175 ml)
¼ cup of cocoa (65 ml)
4 tablespoons baking powder
Pinch of salt
250 ml of boiling water with 3 teaspoons of coffee.

Beat the egg whites until stiff.
Without cleaning the beaters, beat the egg yolks, oil and vanilla essence.
Sift the dry ingredients together and add the egg yolk mixture, boiling water and coffee mixture and mix well.
Mix the egg whites with a metal spoon and add them too.
Butter 3 cake molds 20 cm in diameter and pour the mixture. Bake at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes.
When cold, decorate with icing and enjoy.

Catch-up session with Vronika
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What is your favorite food: Asian
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