Chocolate cake

Warney and the chocolate cake

Well, Warne was no slouch either when it came to downplaying the “good stuff” in life. His appetite for food – and more – was tradition in the press box and commentary team. I’m going to stay above the belt here.

They clashed a few times as they outdid each other, with Arjuna clearly emerging as the winner.

The Sri Lankan great had taken Warney to the cleaners in the 1996 World Cup final, hitting 47 out of 37 including the winning runs (Warne 0-58 out of ten). Before and after the match, he called Warne a mediocre and overrated bowler, which caused the latter to jump.

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It got uglier and uglier from there. In addition, there was the Murali angle. The Sri Lankans wanted Murali to take more wickets than Warney. Australians did not consider Murali to be a bowler at all.

Sri Lanka didn’t make the super six in 1999, so they didn’t face Australia at this World Cup in England. By the time South Africa 2003 came Ranatunga had retired so there was no Warne against Ranatunga in the World Cups after 96.

Either way, Warney was unable to join the Australian squad in 2003 after failing a drug test. He tested positive for hydrochlorothiazide and amiloride, two diuretics, which are also used for temporary weight loss.

He said his mother gave them to him “by mistake”. Mothers can be so careless, huh? It was the signal for another blow for Ranatunga.

Well, Warney travels to Sri Lanka after serving a one-year drug ban, and is asked at a press conference if he wants to meet his old friend Arjuna, who is now ready for bigger things. than cricket.

Warney: “Arjuna is probably weighing 300 pounds right now, isn’t he? Swallowed a sheep, right?

Of course, Arjuna is not one to hold back, so he takes it out on Warney: “If I swallow a lamb or a goat, it’s none of his business. But I have to tell him that I don’t swallow these pills and that I don’t blame my mother. followed by “I am well and fit at 95 kilograms. It is better to swallow a sheep or a goat than to swallow what it has swallowed.

A few years later, when Warney led the Rajasthan Royals to the inaugural IPL title, I wondered if Arjuna might come out of retirement and lead a rival team. It would have been fun. Teams where chocolate cakes are not prohibited.

I say this as a chocolate cake lover.

I think they buried the hatchet years later and recognized each other a little nicer.

I hope they can someday laugh it all off over chocolate cake in cricket heaven.

Life is too short not to enjoy chocolate cake.



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