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Top 10 chocolate brands in the UK

UK chocolate sales fell 0.4% for the 52 weeks ending August 16 of this year to £ 2.52 billion ($ 3.95 billion), according to company data of research.

Some brands such as Cadbury Dairy Milk, Maltesers and Kinder were still seeing year-over-year sales growth, but sales of other brands including Kit Kat, Mars and Snickers fell.

Mondelez’s Dairy Milk takes the lead with share packs

“Dairy Milk is growing thanks to the sharing of bags”,Richard Anderson, senior knowledge manager at IRI, told ConfectioneryNews.

“An increase in promotions and new launches such as Marvelous Mixups have really helped the growth of the brand. The brand also increased sales of seasonal variants for Easter and Christmas, in part thanks to a longer Easter period this year. “

Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvelous Jelly Popping Candy from Mondelēz performed above the market average in the first half of the year. Dairy Milk has taken advantage of share pack formats. Mondelez recently launched a Cadbury Dairy Milk carton containing bite-sized chunks of chocolate for Christmas to further capitalize on the segment. Dairy Milk sales increased 3.5% for the period to £ 491 million ($ 768 million).

Top 10 best-selling chocolate brands in the UK

[Source: IRI – value sales data for ‘integrated snack outlets’, which includes supermarkets, convenience stores, independent grocers, petrol statons and independent off licenses.]

Implications of downsizing for March

March had a more difficult time. Maltesers sales rose 6%, but Mars and Snickers bars fell 14.4% and 18.1% respectively, as sales were overtaken by Ferrero’s Kinder brand.

“Mars and Snickers are in decline in singles and multipacks”,Anderson said.

“Multipack formats are in decline due to the reduction in bar size and the move from four packs to three packs while maintaining the promotional price of £ 1. This led to considerably smaller promotional increases for brands and a more recent move to 3 packs + 1 free bar for £ 1 in an effort to collect the old pack and the price.

The weight of the Mars bar was reduced by 12% to meet a calorie reduction commitment, but the price remained the same.

Portion and price control

Mars UK said late last year that it had exhausted reformulation options for Mars and Snickers bars and had no choice but to reduce portion sizes to meet a cap of 250 calories on single serving chocolates, to which he subscribed under the responsibility of the British government. OK.

The Mars bar went from 58g to 51g and a Snickers bar from 58g to 48g, while the price of 51p ($ 0.83) remained static.

Mondelez used the same tactic for Cadbury Dairy Milk, but more time has passed since his last cut. At the end of 2012, Cadbury Dairy Milk switched to pieces of rounded shape, reducing the size from 49 g to 45 g, but keeping the same price.

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