Chocolate cake

This time Tom Cruise ate chocolate cake for three days in a row while shooting strangers

Tom Cruise is no stranger to putting his body on the line for the sake of the movie he’s in. Cruise loves to do his own stunts, having no problem flying in fighter jets during Top Gun: Maverick or ride a motorcycle off a ramp for Mission Impossible 7. Most impressive, however, could be that Tom Cruise has to eat a ridiculous amount of chocolate cake while filming. The foreigners.

Tom Cruise recently shared a story about Paul Newman showing him the ropes and giving him sage advice on the weather in Chicago. Cruise then commented on a fun story about working with Francis Ford Coppola on The foreigners, during which he had to eat a chocolate cake for three days, saying:

i was working with [Francis Ford] Coppola, and I was like, ‘You know what, I’m going to eat chocolate cake in the scene.’… I had to do it in the scene, it’s part of the character, I’m going to eat chocolate cake. We ended up shooting this scene for three days, and we did 100 takes of me eating chocolate cake, and I had to keep eating it.

Tom Cruise was confident in his ability to eat chocolate cake and stay true to the character, thinking, “How bad could that be? Cruise figured that since he liked chocolate cake, it wouldn’t be so bad to eat it for the scene in question, but he didn’t expect to have to eat it for three whole days. It was an important and hilarious lesson for the actor to learn. During the same interview on The Graham Norton Show, the actor went on to explain that he got sick from having so much cake:

It’s like the first two takes, I was like, ‘Oh, this is so good, I have to eat it. It was so humid. And then it was like, ‘Oh my God, did we get it?’ Three days of Francis [Ford Coppola] saying, ‘Let’s do it again.’ I was in sweet shock, I was throwing up.

It had to be something watching Tom Cruise day in and day out force himself to take another bite of chocolate cake, probably as exciting as watching him perform the insane stunts he does today. Cruise is known for his frantic rush in his films and his dedication to making his films as authentic as possible. It’s hilarious to think that eating chocolate cake is one of the hardest things he’s ever had to endure while making movies.

Mission: Impossible 7 has been postponed to May 2022, and production is still ongoing for it and Mission: Impossible 8. But Tom Cruise undoubtedly lives up to the obstacles he faces on screen and in production, and fans are patiently waiting to see what he does in future episodes of his iconic action franchise.

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