Chocolate cake

This is the best chocolate cake in Florida


Nothing crushes chocolate cravings like a chocolate cake. This classic and decadent dessert comes in many forms and most people enjoy it after a good meal. But no one is stopping you from having a slice at any time of the day. It’s not hard to look for it, too. Many restaurants, bakeries and eateries offer chocolate cakes on the menu.

That said, where can you find the most delicious chocolate cake in Florida? Eat this, not that! has the answer for you. According to the website, Equestrian has the best chocolate cake in the Sunshine State.

“A new station flanking the World Equestrian Center recently opened in Ocala,” say the writers. “The Equestrian reflects the ‘Horse Capital of the World’ theme, but also serves old-fashioned chocolate cake with a view. You can opt for treats from the on-site patisserie, but the best bet is in Stirrups Restaurant Sit on the porch to watch the horses compete and savor Florida’s finest: a springy chocolate sponge cake with a rich, decadent chocolate couverture glaze. is a quality of chocolate richer in cocoa butter and valued for its superior taste and texture.”

The Equestrian is located at 8510 NW 17th Lane in Ocala.

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