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The real reason Costco stopped selling its American chocolate cake

Ah, Costco, the land of low prices, delicious pizza, free samples for days (yes, Costco samples are back!) and the gooey, chocolatey goodness that is—or was—All-American Chocolate Cake. For years this beloved chocolate cake, easily large enough to feed 20 or more guests, was a staple for birthdays, holiday parties, Mother’s Day celebrations, and more. That is, until the day he unexpectedly disappeared.

Much to the dismay of fans, this decadent delight disappeared from Costco’s shelves in early 2020, the year of awful things. And though he thought it would happen in 2020, Costco chocolate cake fans weren’t going to sit idly by while their favorite fudgy diapers were lost to the world. In fact, they were so dedicated to the cause that over 7,000 of them joined together in a petition to ask the wholesale club to bring back “one of the most amazing and the most delicious in the world”. This is some serious fandom!

Although Costco hasn’t commented on its decision to stop selling the cake (or the petition to bring it back), that’s just the beginning of the All-American Chocolate Cake‘s story. From a change in how we celebrate milestones to the rise of “quarantine cakes,” let’s unpack some reasons why this Costco chocolate cake might have ended (and end with a twist that suggests those 7,000 fans would have could be heard after all).

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