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The best hot chocolate brands for cozy winter sweetness

Herbal tea is great for relaxing, but there’s nothing like hot chocolate to tantalize the taste buds and soothe the soul. As we enter what looks like the 300th week of lockdown, we all deserve a treat to take care of ourselves in the form of drinking chocolate. Unfortunately, hot chocolate can be hit or miss. For every deliciously delicious brand, there are a few that are too watery and bland to hit the spot. If you consider yourself a hot chocolate snob, here are 10 of the UK’s best hot chocolate brands for decadence guaranteed.

This hot chocolate is deliciously rich and luxurious, with the added bonus of being 100 percent organic.

Recommended price: £ 7.99

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If you want to enjoy hot chocolate while being mindful of your calorie intake, it only has 40 calories per glass but still offers a rich, creamy texture.

Recommended price: £ 11.49, on sale now for £ 9.74 – you save £ 1.75

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Fairtrade, natural, velvety in texture and downright delicious, there really isn’t much to fault this brand of hot chocolate.

Recommended price: £ 18.90

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The French know how to be luxury, so you can expect great things from this Parisian-inspired hot chocolate made with 51% cocoa.

Recommended price: £ 12.49, on sale now for £ 12 – you save £ 0.49

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If you’re never the type to walk past a galaxy bar, this hot chocolate will be like drinking a creamy cup of goodies.

Presented in a generous 1kg box, you won’t have to worry about running out anytime soon.

Recommended price: £ 8.49, on sale now for £ 7.39 – you save £ 1.10

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The sparkling texture of an Aero chocolate bar is recreated in this sparkling and creamy hot chocolate that contains only 98 calories per pop.

Recommended price: £ 15.99

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As rich as hot chocolate is, this drinking chocolate is made from 100% Belgian chocolate and is as close as it gets to professionally made hot chocolate at home.

Recommended price: £ 6.95

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Classic Cadbury taste in a creamy, drinkable form, you might find it hard to limit yourself to just one cup of this tasty brew.

Recommended price: £ 7.39

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A mixture of hazelnuts and chocolate creates a warm, comforting and creamy hot chocolate that is sweet without a syrupy taste.

Recommended price: £ 23.95, on sale now for £ 22.70 – you save £ 1.25

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If you like white chocolate more than the standard varieties, this Crème Brûlée flavored white chocolate might just be your new favorite drink.

The decadent flavors of butterscotch and white chocolate make this hot chocolate very pleasant to drink.

Recommended price: £ 16

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