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The 5 Best Healthy Chocolate Cake Recipes We’ve Ever Featured

Cocoa is a authentic superfood, so it’s no wonder we’ve featured hundreds of chocolate recipes over the years, from baked donuts to luxury lattes.

Of all the chocolate recipes, healthy chocolate cake has to be the most sought after and the hardest to make. From our first Cake Recipes feature with Sweet Laurel years ago (which nearly broke the internet) to a mousse pie you’ll make again and again, here are the five we think qualify as the best!

The 5 Best Healthy Chocolate Cake Recipes We’ve Ever Featured

CHOCOLATE LAYER CAKE WITH GANACHE | Shown above, this cake recipe launched an empire – and a million imitators. The Grain-Free, Refined Sugar-Free, and Dairy-Free Cake Recipe is truly delicious, made with simple whole-food ingredients, and is a game-changer for anyone who eats gluten-free. DO IT

CHOCOLATE BEET CAKE from Botanica | When the epic LA. cafe, Botanica opened in Los Angeles, we co-hosted a cooking class with the founders to celebrate. This chocolate cake was part of the menu and we make it to this day. Pair it with their strawberry tea and you’ll be in heaven. Do it

chocolate cake

WHOLE GRAIN CHOCOLATE BUNDT CAKE | Pamela Salzman was one of the very first chefs to grace our pages and has gone on to create a cult following among home cooks with her clever ingredients and elegant yet practical recipes for every occasion. The ganache has a hint of mint that can be substituted with flavor or your choice, but don’t skimp on the festive dried berries! Do it

raspberry chocolate truffle cake

Dairy Free Truffle Cake | This truffle cake is a hair different from the original Sweet Laurel above – but raspberries. Try the truffle frosting here and salivate over the inspired photographs. Do it

vegan chocolate mousse pie

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Pie | The chocolate mousse is the chocolate dessert. This mousse pie is clean, luxurious, high in protein and easy to make. If you are looking for a recipe to entertain you, this is it. Want something more laid back? Try this chocolate and avocado mousse instead. Do it

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