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The 10 most popular chocolate brands in the UK 2021 | Analysis and Features


1. Cadbury Dairy Milk

Assess: £652.3m (+2.8%)

Cadbury Dairy Milk continues to dominate sales in the chocolate sector.

The brand grew sales by 2.8% over the past year, while continuing to build on a bumper 2020, in which it moved an additional 71.7 million packs.

Galaxy creamy milk

2. Galaxy

Assess: £202.3m (+6.7%)

Second-placed Galaxy, meanwhile, is starting to claw back some of the sales it lost in a disastrous 2020, when supply issues during the first nationwide lockdown played into the hands of rivals such as Cadbury.

In December, Galaxy owner Mars unveiled a major rebrand, which it said would “modernize the brand for a new era.”


3. Lindt Lindor

Assess: £185.9m (+23.1%)

The star of the past year was arguably third-placed Lindt Lindor, who added over £30million in extra sales. Reporting strong half-year sales in July, Lindt said its Lindor and Excellence ranges were the main drivers of sales growth during the period.

Maltesers Easter 2021

4. Maltesers

Assess: £181.7m (+1.7%)

Kinder Surprise 100g Egg_Reindeer

5. Kinder

Assess: £159.4m (+8%)

Cadbury Wispa Tourbillon PMP 1,10 €

6. Cadbury Whirlwind

Assess: £111.2m (+2.8%)


7. KitKat

Assess: £101.3m (-1%)

Cadbury Wispa Tourbillon PMP 1,10 €

8. Cadbury Wispa

Assess: £101.0m (-2.3%)

Aero Caramel

9. Aero

Assess: £86.3m (+11%)


10. M&M’s

Assess: £85.7m (-17%)

The big loser among the top 10 brands was M&M’s, which saw its value plummet by 17.5%. Mars-owned M&Ms face fierce competition in the sharing subcategory, including from challenger brands such as Doisy & Dam, which recently launched its own vegan version of chocolate-covered peanut M&Ms.

Data from: Nielsen (52 w/e 17 July 2021)

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