Chocolate cake

Swapping ingredients to enhance the flavor of boxed chocolate cake mix

An after-dinner coffee goes well with dessert, but why not consolidate the two? According to Insider, brewed coffee can replace water for most chocolate cake recipes. While water does the job just fine, using coffee gives your cake the moisture it needs while simultaneously enriching its cocoa flavor.

SBS is okay with this chocolate-coffee pairing, but ups the convenience factor. To deepen the cocoa taste, you don’t necessarily need to prepare a casserole, but you can simply add a teaspoon of instant granulated coffee to your dry ingredients. However, you’ll still need water if you opt for dried coffee, so if you’re looking to elevate your canned blend with a richer liquid, you might want to try ready-to-drink coffee.

If vanilla cake is more your thing, you can always substitute the water for something tastier. Insider recommends adding milk to vanilla cakes — although, for chocolate and vanilla recipes, you can swap water for buttermilk, cream, or half and half. Any addition of a fattier liquid is sure to improve both moisture and flavor, so try incorporating something other than water. You will make a dessert worth eating and while drinking.

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