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Store-Cupboard Chocolate Cake Recipe – And it’s vegan!


It’s a great time to jump into recipes that use ingredients from the cupboard as opposed to fresh bits, just in case we can’t source some so easily amidst all that selfish *cough* coronavirus stockpiling * cough *.

So this recipe The little cook, aka Andrea Soranidis, for a chocolate cake, which is made only with ingredients from the store cupboard, is a godsend right now.

Andrea’s Water Cake is made without eggs or dairy, which also makes it the perfect vegan chocolate cake and a great choice for allergy sufferers.

The cake is made from just seven ingredients: flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, oil, water, sugar and cocoa powder.

Andrea explained on her website that she, like most of us, is currently in precautionary self-quarantine and wanted to share a recipe using ingredients most people would already have at home.

The little cook

She said: “Since supermarkets are experiencing shortages of many ingredients, I thought it would be helpful to share a cake recipe that can be made without eggs, butter or milk.

“I hope this cake can help others have fun while they’re stuck at home.”

Andrea added that if you had the ingredients, a topping or frosting would work great on this cake. His favourites? Mascarpone and orange cream and ricotta glaze.

Go here for the full recipe.

Another chef helping us use these closet staples is Jamie Oliver, whose new show, Jamie: Keep cooking and carry on, promises to help viewers get the most out of their staple foods and be more creative with all the ingredients they have at home.

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