Chocolate cake

Roasted white chocolate cake for a special Easter treat

I really don’t like desserts that are too sweet and over the years my palate has evolved. When creating desserts, I go back to the concept and flavors of the dessert I’m trying to create; work to let the flavors shine through without being unhealthily sweet. I’ve come to appreciate the tartness that a sour or citrus can add, the bitterness that coffee imparts, and speaking of chocolate, I’ve come to appreciate the notes and flavors of good chocolate. , rather than eating it for its sweetness.

White chocolate is naturally quite sweet. When shopping, look for bars or drops with minimal ingredients, and those that contain cocoa butter rather than various oils. A good white chocolate should only contain milk, sugar, cocoa solids and cocoa butter; an emulsifier (such as soy lecithin) is usually added as well, and flavorings such as vanilla enhance the milk.

If you roast white chocolate, the sweetness mellows and the flavor is deepened, turning it into a caramel-rich liquid. Roasting white chocolate requires patience; it takes about an hour in the oven at low temperature, stirring every 15 minutes or so. It will look a bit lumpy and chalky at first, but then it will go through stages of melting and caramelizing. The result is liquid gold. If you manage not to drink it, put it in this cake, it’s beautiful.

I used roasted white chocolate in a simple sponge, added lime, layered the baked sponges then coated them in a smooth and tangy cream cheese frosting. Although there is a decent amount of sugar in this cake, the flavors are balanced by the roasting of white chocolate, the freshness of lime, and the flavor of cream cheese.

The roasted white chocolate should cool a little before adding it to the sponge cake, but it should still be liquid. Do it in the morning and prepare the rest of the ingredients while waiting for it to caramelize.

Once frosted, I like to finish the top of the cake with freshly grated lime zest and grated white chocolate for extra punch. As the cake is quite moist, it keeps well for a few days but freezes just as well. Freeze the sponges individually unfrosted, or frost the cake and cut into slices to freeze.

Recipe: Roasted white chocolate and lime cake

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