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REVIEW: Rich Chocolate Pop Cake, Very Happy Minnie Cupcake and more new holiday treats at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa


Four new holiday treats debuted at Gasparilla Island Grill at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, so we stopped by to try them.


Happy Holidays Cake Pop – $ 7.99

Triple chocolate cake pop coated in white chocolate with a festive winter decor


Holy chocolate, Batman! When they say triple chocolate, they’re not kidding, and we don’t even think they count white chocolate. It’s a very simple cake pop, and if you like rich, almost melting chocolate levels, this is a treat. If you are looking for something sweeter, stay away.

S’mores Cookie – $ 5.99

Graham crackers and chocolate chip cookies stacked with toasted marshmallows and M & M’S®


It is mainly a giant and chewy chocolate chip cookie. The marshmallow is very lightly toasted and goes very well with the cookie. They were right to use the marshmallow in moderation. The graham cracker crumbs don’t fade, however, and the M & Ms add an artificial chocolate texture and taste that we would have preferred to do without. For what it is – a cookie with marshmallows – it’s done well and won’t offend those who don’t particularly like marshmallows.

Red velvet crown cupcake – $ 5.99

Red Velvet cupcake filled with cream cheese mousse and topped with a crown of vanilla buttercream and chocolate bow


This is by no means a “bad” cupcake, but we’re not quite sure who it is for. The cupcake itself was moist, but not particularly tasty. The cream cheese mousse filling was exceptional; creamy and thick with excellent flavor. The cupcake is completely covered with vanilla buttercream, not just the crown. The frosting is basic and above all forgettable, but those who prefer a lighter texture will appreciate it. Now we have a combination of textures and tastes that don’t do anything special together, and we wish they had gone one way or the other.

Very Happy Minnie Mouse Cupcake – $ 5.99

Chocolate cupcake filled with Cookies n ‘Cream mousse and topped with buttercream dipped in ganache, cookie ears and a chocolate holiday bow


It was our favorite of the four. Like the crown cupcake, the cake was tender and chewy, this one having a mild chocolate taste. The cookie and cream mousse filling was nice; it’s on the lighter side but has a tiny bit of a nice cookie crunch. The buttercream topping the cupcake is certainly richer, but not as extreme as the cake pop. Unlike the crown cupcake, you end up with a combination of chocolate, cookie, and cream types, which work well together, creating a vibrant combination instead of a weird pairing.

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