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Ree Drummond Bakes Top Secret Chocolate Cake Using Boxed Cake Mix

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond joins TODAY to share some of her favorite easy and delicious recipes from her new cookbook “Pioneer Woman Cooking – Super Easy!” : 120 shortened recipes for dinners, desserts and more ”. She shows us how to make Buffalo Chicken Totchos, Secret Ingredient Chocolate Cake, Plate-Roasted Vegetable Salad, and Pesto Gnocchi.

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Ed Anderson

In case you haven’t heard it, totchos are one thing. Basically you cook frozen toddlers and then use them to make any variety of “nachos” you fancy. This version of Buffalo Chicken is spicy, messy, and wonderful! I recommend having a large stack of towels nearby. (And maybe don’t eat them on a first date?)

Top secret chocolate cake

Ed Anderson

As a middle aged woman of the world, it’s no secret that you can make boxed cake mix to create dessert heaven. This trend took hold in the 90s and allowed many people to forgo the measure and mess of a cake from scratch. But just in case your generation has kept this eternal truth about cake mix from you all your life, I’m here to lift the veil. This is an incredibly easy way to step into the cake-mixing era in your life – a rich, super-chocolatey cake that’s so easy to bake, it could become your go-to birthday cake request. .

Gnocchi puff pastry

Ed Anderson

Wrapped gnocchi are one of my favorite ingredients during this season when things are easier to live with. Does it make me look old? Good, because I wanted to! All references to the old lady’s self-mockery aside, this meatless wonder is both a snap and a revelation: chewy and tender gnocchi cushions roasted on a baking sheet with the best variety of vegetables and garnished with parmesan and basil. Give me that, a clear to-do list, a glass of wine… and I’m fine.

Leaf salad

Ed Anderson

This salad on a plate is hard to describe, but I’ll give it a try: I roast squash and cauliflower (which is my favorite veg combo) with shallots and chickpeas, then use the roasted veggies as base to create a viewer of a salad. It’s a spectacle, in fact. The creamy tahini dressing makes it truly unique, but this salad is so pretty and delicious you could top it ranch and it would still be a star!

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