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Pepsi Caramel Chocolate Cake Celebrates Being Stronger Together

During the holiday season, many people use dessert to make everyone smile. Continuing its Pepsi Stronger Together message, Jimmy’s Famous Pepsi Caramel Chocolate Cake will benefit Toys for Tots Baltimore. Are you ready to savor a slice of goodness for the benefit of the community?

With the Pepsi Stronger Together program, the brand seeks to support communities across the country. By highlighting special programs and celebrating unique events, the brand seeks to spark a conversation around groups that make their community the best it can be.

Throughout the year, Pepsi has partnered with various restaurants to support local communities. As more and more people come to appreciate that food is just better with Pepsi, this mindset is more than just tasty food and drink. These collaborations are a way to showcase valuable members of the community.

With this latest collaboration, Pepsi turned to Jimmy’s Famous Seafood to bring this one-of-a-kind, limited-edition dessert to life. While the popular drink has been transformed in many ways, this special dessert will have many running around to place an order.

Jimmy’s famous Pepsi Chocolate Caramel Cake is described as “a delicious Pepsi chocolate cake topped with a Pepsi Caramel Mousse and Pepsi Caramel.” Thinking of this description, many home bakers might want to take note of it. Cooking with Pepsi could become a new food trend.

Available at, the specialty cake is $ 8, plus shipping. And, there’s an even sweeter reason to place an order. For each order placed, $ 1 will be donated to Toys for Tots Baltimore.

And, if you want to order a full meal to go with that Pepsi cake, the Jimmy’s Famous Cheetos Crab Cake Egg Roll is available. For those unfamiliar with this food mix is ​​described as “a giant crab cake and cream cheese mix rolled in a wonton wrapped, fried and drizzled with Jimmy’s Old Bay Ranch.” The rolls are priced at $ 14 for one or $ 26 for two rolls.

A Baltimore legend celebrates Pepsi Stronger Together.

While many people will be ordering for Jimmy’s famous Pepsi Chocolate Caramel Cake, one special event will have everyone cheering. A special Jimmy’s Famous Seafood TailGOAT will take place on December 19th.

The special event host will be “The Iron Man” Cal Ripken Jr. In addition, country music Chase Rice will perform. Finally, Executive Chef Tony Minadakis will serve a delicious buffet on match day.

While many people will be delighted to attend the event for the frivolity, the Jimmy’s Famous Seafood TailGOAT will benefit Toys for Tots Baltimore. As part of Pepsi Stronger Together, the donation of “trucks” will be a joy to many children and families this holiday season. Customers are also encouraged to bring a toy to donate.

Whether people are enjoying a slice of the Pepsi Chocolate Caramel Cake, going to the famous Jimmy’s Seafood TailGOAT or some other event in their own community, the message for the holiday season and every day is clear. Communities are stronger when they come together.

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