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Cargill Inc. announced Thursday that it will begin renovations to a new long-term location for its Wilbur chocolate store in Lititz, Lancaster County.

The new store would be located at 45 N. Broad St., directly across from its current location as part of the iconic factory, which closed earlier this year.

It will be in the old Freeze & Frizz Drive-In, which closed this year.

The approximately 3,000 square foot store will employ approximately 20 full and part time employees.

Cargill intends to lease the building, said Pete Stoddardt, Cargill’s director of media relations.

“It’s going to be very Wilbur-centric when it’s done,” Stoddard said.

Cargill hopes to open the new store just before the 2016 Lititz Chocolate March on October 8.

Like the original store, the new location will feature historic artifacts from Wilbur and the confectionery industry, a kitchen where visitors can view handcrafted candies with Wilbur chocolate, and a selection of merchandise including the popular Wilbur buds.

Meanwhile, the company will continue to serve clients at its existing location at 48 N. Broad St. This property has been on the market since March and the company continues to seek a buyer for the property.

“With the sale of the Cargill building underway, we have decided to relocate the store now to ensure we remain a central part of the downtown Lititz shopping district,” said Amy Weik, specialist sales manager at Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate.

Cargill, which acquired Wilbur in 1992 for $ 51 million, ceased production at the plant on January 25, ending Wilbur’s 113-year history of making chocolate in downtown Lititz.

The end of production cut the jobs of around 130 hourly and salaried workers. Another 30 employees in administrative positions were offered jobs at Cargill offices in Minneapolis or Milwaukee.

The majority of the work has been transferred to facilities in Hazleton, Luzerne County, Milwaukee and Ontario. Other jobs will be sent to factories on West Lincoln Avenue in Lititz and Mount Joy in Lancaster County, about 12 miles southwest of Lititz.

Cargill also has a retail warehouse in Elizabethtown.

Across Pennsylvania, Cargill employs approximately 2,200 people.

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Wilbur Chocolate Store in Lititz moves across the street to the former Freeze & Frizz space | Local company

The Wilbur Chocolate Store, an iconic store and museum outside a now inactive factory in downtown Lititz, is moving across the street.

The relocation, announced Thursday by Wilbur Chocolate owner Cargill, has garnered praise from community leaders.

Cargill said the store will move to a 3,000 square foot building at 45 N. Broad St., most recently housing the Freeze & Frizz ice cream shop.

Before that, the space housed the Long & Bomberger hardware store. The Bomberger family owns the building.

Cargill said the Wilbur chocolate store, now in roughly the same size of space at 48 N. Broad St., will move “just before” the Lititz Chocolate Walk on Saturday, October 8.

“It’s great that we can keep it downtown,” said Karen Weibel, president of Lititz city council.

Mayor Tim Snyder said: “I am just delighted.”

“They have always been an asset and a keystone of the city center. So it’s very, very important to retain them, ”said Kelly Withum, executive director of Venture Lititz, a nonprofit that advocates for a vibrant downtown.

In addition to attracting downtown shoppers, the Wilbur store is part of the downtown appeal as a “foodie” destination, she said.

Cargill’s decision to lease the empty store benefits from a practical vacation.

If Cargill had waited until the Wilbur complex was sold and the complex buyer forced the store to move, who knows what might have been available?

“… (We) have decided to move the store now to make sure we remain a central part of the downtown Lititz shopping district,” Cargill Project Manager Amy Weik said in a prepared statement.

Pete Stoddart, Cargill’s director of media relations, declined to comment on whether the sprawling resort attracted any deals.

As for the store, its workforce in the new location will be the same as it is today – 20 employees, he said. (It now has 17 employees; Cargill is looking to hire three more.)

Before the store moves, however, Cargill will be renovating its new location, putting up a new facade and “refreshing” the interior, Stoddart said. He refused to disclose the cost of the work.

Doug Bomberger, owner of the building, declined to comment on the store’s arrival.

According to Cargill, the characteristics of the Wilbur Chocolate Store will remain unchanged at its new location.

It will still sell Wilbur Buds and other merchandise, have a kitchen where candy is handcrafted with Wilbur chocolate in plain view of visitors, and display artifacts from Wilbur and the confectionery industry.

Cargill closed the plant in January, cutting the jobs of about 100 employees. Wilbur made chocolate in downtown Lititz for 113 years.

The Lititz Chocolate Walk is a fundraiser, organized by the Lititz Kiwanis Club, for charities focused on children.

Attendees buy tickets to eat chocolate treats – many made with Wilbur chocolate – at more than 25 downtown locations.

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Sylvester Stallone arrives at upscale chocolate factory for Valentine’s Day treats

He has a beautiful wife and three beautiful daughters.

It’s no wonder, then, that Sylvester Stallone was spotted at an upscale chocolate factory in Los Angeles on Saturday stocking up on goodies before Valentine’s Day.

The 69-year-old chose a beautiful box of heart-shaped delicacies from other sweet treats.

Scroll down for video

What do you think ? Sylvester Stallone appeared to ask a friend for advice as he held up a box of heart-shaped chocolates at a store in Los Angeles on Saturday before Valentine’s Day

It was probably for former model Jennifer Flavin, his wife of 19 years.

However, he and the 47-year-old share three daughters – Sophia, 19, Sistene, 17, and Scarlet, 13 – and he probably wouldn’t want to leave them out.

Sly was smartly dressed for her shopping trip in a black jacket with a slight gray stripe, a blue shirt and black pants.

The Rocky star, who slicked back his graying hair, kept his sunglasses in the store and he smiled at the other customers as he left.

Sweet treats: The 69-year-old has four gorgeous women in his life, his wife Jennifer Flavin, 47, and their daughters Sophia, 19, Sistene, 17, and Scarlet, 13, so he might just have bought some chocolates for them all

Sweet treats: The 69-year-old has four gorgeous women in his life, his wife Jennifer Flavin, 47, and their daughters Sophia, 19, Sistene, 17, and Scarlet, 13, so he might just have bought some chocolates for them all

Dude Dapper: The Oscar nominee looked good in a black jacket with a gray stripe, a blue shirt and black pants

Dude Dapper: The Oscar nominee looked good in a black jacket with a gray stripe, a blue shirt and black pants

The longtime action hero has plenty to smile about these days. He has previously won a Golden Globe and a Critics’ Choice Award for Supporting Actor for his role as aging Rocky Balboa in Creed.

The veteran is also nominated for Supporting Actor at the Oscars.

It’s the first time he’s been in contention for an Oscar since 1977 when Rocky, in which he starred, wrote and produced, was nominated for 10 statuettes and won three, including Best Picture and Best. director for John G. Avildsen.

Bevy of beauty: Sly got a lot of support from her family at Creed's Los Angeles premiere in November.  He is pictured with, from left to right, Sophia, 19, Jennifer Flavin, 47, Sistene, 17 and Scarlet, 13

Bevy of beauty: Sly got a lot of support from her family at Creed’s Los Angeles premiere in November. He is pictured with, from left to right, Sophia, 19, Jennifer Flavin, 47, Sistene, 17 and Scarlet, 13

Sly missed out on Best Actor and Screenplay honors, which seems to make this series of honors doubly enjoyable.

“For a somewhat borderline misanthrope, it’s incredible,” said the celebrity The New York Times Last week. “It’s the height of my life, professionally. It is so miraculous.

In the film, Sylvester plays an aging Rocky, who comes out of retirement to train the promising young boxer Adonis Johnson, played by Michael B. Jordan, who is the son of his former rival, Apollo Creed.

The Oscars will take place on February 28 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

“It’s So Miraculous:” Veteran Action Hero Nominated For Supporting Actor At Academy Awards And Already Won Golden Globe For Role As Aging Rocky Balbao In Creed

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10 luxury chocolate brands you must try

Champagne truffles, pralines with caramelized and roasted hazelnuts and luxury intense dark chocolate.

Indulge in decadent delicacies and luxurious treats from some of the world’s best chocolatiers.

DESIblitz handpicks some of the best luxury brands to try.

1. Godiva

Fine Belgian chocolate begins and ends with Godiva.

Founded in 1926 by Joseph Draps, a master chocolatier, Godiva prides itself on elegant packaging and quality ingredients.

Whether you’re a fan of white, milk, or dark chocolate, you can get lost in an assortment of stunning chocolate coated truffles, sables, cookies, pretzels and strawberries.

Try their decadent 50 percent dark chocolate Squares, priced at £ 15.50. It’s a perfect blend of creamy sweetness and rich dark chocolate, with no bitter aftertaste.

2. Hotel Chocolat

10 luxury chocolates you must try

The Chocolat Hotel opened in 2004 in Watford. The British chocolatier has reinvented traditional chocolate products by selling them in their iconic giant sinuous plates.

The company even grows their own cocoa in St. Lucia, and their chocolate has less sugar and more cocoa than other chocolatiers, making it a healthier option!

Try their giant billionaire shortbread pancake (£ 16.00). It’s a luxurious blend of caramel and 50 percent milk chocolate, sprinkled with shortbread.

3. Status

10 luxury chocolates you must try

One of London’s oldest chocolate factories, Prestat in Piccadilly is a ‘chic’ treat paradise.

They are particularly known for their unusual combinations of chocolate and fruit, such as their Yuzu sake truffles.

It’s made with Fuji white chocolate mixed with citrus Yuzu and a touch of Japanese sake!

Try their Hand Dipped Chocolate Orange Slices (£ 14.00). Made from slices of crystallized orange fruit that have been hand dipped in fine dark chocolate made from West African cocoa.

4. Lindt & Sprugli

10 luxury chocolates you must try

Swiss chocolate maker Lindt has long been a family favorite, reserved for the best occasions.

Their Lindor Milk Truffles see perfectly round chocolate shells filled with an irresistibly smooth center that melts in your mouth.

A pure moment of bliss in every taste, their luxury collection sees a blend of pralines, white chocolate truffles and caramel and sea salt dar bars.

Try their Dark Chilli Chocolate Bar (£ 1.89) for an intense dark chocolate flavor with a kick.

5. Guylian

10 luxury chocolates you must try

Another Belgian favorite is Guylian, famous for its iconic chocolate seashells and seahorses. These are made from 100% pure cocoa butter and a hazelnut praline filling made from caramelized and roasted hazelnuts.

Their signature pralines promise “melting” benefits created by founder and master chocolatier Guy Foubert.

Try their Luxury Assorted Seahorse tasting box (£ 2.99) where you can sample dark praline, milk truffle, crunchy cookie and vanilla.

6. Artisan of Chocolate

10 luxury chocolates you must try

The London Chocolate Artisan was created by Irishman Gerard Coleman in 2000.

Their luxury chocolate bars range from 100% almond milk chocolate to black cardamom.

Their chocolate pearls are delicious. Made of smooth ganache and hazelnut praline iced with edible pearl gold and silver powder (£ 27.99).

7. Montezuma

10 luxury chocolates you must try

Founded in 2000 by former lawyers, Helen and Simon Pattison, Montezuma’s handmade luxury chocolates are pure pleasure on a plate.

The family’s chocolatiers are known for their innovative chocolate making and original packaging.

Try their Radical Bar Library (£ 13.49), which features a case of flavored chocolate bars, made with chilli and lime, orange and geranium and sea bass!

8. Betty

10 luxury chocolates you must try

Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate are famous for their Northern tearooms which exude elegance and sophistication.

Their specialty collections of luxury chocolate are nothing less than civilized perfection.

From mellow Florentines to liqueur truffles to Lady Betty peppermint creams.

Try their champagne truffles (£ 15.95), made with a rich chocolate ganache made from Moët & Chandon champagne, coated in Swiss milk chocolate and dusted with icing sugar and raspberry.

9. Pierre Marcolini House

10 luxury chocolates you must try

Pierre Marcolini is inspired by the “mixture of unexpected flavors” of different cultures around the world.

A self-proclaimed visionary, Pierre Bruxellois has reinvented the chocolate making process by selecting the cocoa beans he uses himself.

Try Pierre’s Bahia Brazil (£ 27.30), for a very high quality banana-based chocolate.

10. Fifth dimension

10 luxury chocolates you must try

Bringing a sensory experience to chocolate tasting, Fifth Dimension mixes flavor and texture.

Chocolatiers use unusual flavors from various parts of the world, such as soy caramel from Hong Kong and lemon chutney from Nadiad.

Try their Journey Box (£ 17.00), filled with 12 different exotic flavors.

With exotic aromas and creamy cocoa centers, these chocolate brands arouse sweet culinary pleasures.

Let your taste buds feast with these luxury chocolate delicacies.

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Bargain saves decades-old Forest Hills chocolate store – Forest Hills – New York

Bargain saves decades-old chocolate store in Forest Hills
See the full legend

QUEENS – Aigner chocolates, a popular Forest Hills store that closed earlier this year, will reopen next week under a new owner.

The store, located at 103-02 Metropolitan Ave., known for its homemade pistachio almond paste, cups of peanut butter and bunches of almonds, closed after the Aigner family, who ran the store for decades, decided to remodel it.

The family initially planned to reopen the store for its 85th birthday, but then decided to retire and sell it instead.

The shop was bought several weeks ago by Mark Libertini, 42, whose lifelong dream was to open a chocolate factory.

In August, Libertini, a trained pastry chef who also co-owns a grocery store in Midtown Manhattan, was in Forest Hills on an unrelated affair and spotted the store.

He wanted to buy chocolates for his fiancée, Rachel Kellner. But the store, which Libertini, who lives in Bayside, had never heard of before, has been closed.

When he saw the sign that he was for sale, he immediately sensed that maybe this was his chance to reach his goal.

Two weeks later he bought the store.

“It was just the perfect time and opportunity to move forward and take over the Aigners brand and build on their expertise,” said Libertini who will run the store with Kellner, 30.

Libertini said he plans to keep traditional recipes and follow the old way of making chocolates. The Aigners will remain involved during the first years to facilitate the transition and ensure the quality of the products.

The store was originally owned by Alfred Krause, a German chocolatier who opened it in 1930.

John Aigner, who learned the art of making chocolates in Austria, came to the United States in the 1950s with his wife and son, Peter. He got a job in the store and introduced many classic European recipes after buying it from Krause in 1960.

In 2009, the store’s name changed from Krause’s Candy Kitchen to Aigner Chocolates, but the owners continued to make everything from scratch using traditional machines, including a cream mixer, melter, and enrober, including some are six decades old.

“This is where the magic happens,” said Libertini who plans to keep the machinery.

“It’s not just a chocolate factory, it’s really a mini chocolate factory.”

He said he plans to keep the store name at first, although in the future he hopes to launch an additional brand, which will include “chocolate cards” for birthdays and other special occasions.

Chris Aigner, John’s grandson, said the family are confident the store is in good hands.

“We interviewed a lot of people and we turned a lot of people away,” Aigner said, adding that it was important for the family to find someone who would carry on their traditions.

“Mark was perfect and he’s really passionate about chocolate.”

The store, which is currently undergoing a decor remodel, is scheduled to reopen on October 22.

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Selling chocolate benefits charity

Photo by Syd Kearney

Cacao & Cardamom, the luxury chocolate factory founded by Annie Rupani, will celebrate its grand opening with a special event at 7 p.m. Tuesday to benefit the Chester Pitts Foundation.

Former Houston Texan (and current KPRC sports analyst) Chester Pitts will go behind the counter with some of his Texan football friends to sell as much chocolate as he can in an hour.

Proceeds from the sale will go to the Pitts Foundation, which promotes arts programs for children.

Cacao & Cardamom is at 5000 Westheimer in the Center in Post Oak.

Syd kearney

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Ryan’s Hot Chocolate Sale Helps Families in Need

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) – While most 13-year-old boys focus on video games or girls, a young teenager from Bainbridge struggles to make a difference.

For the past 5 years, Ryan Adams has been selling hot chocolate to help families in need while on vacation. This year, its operation and its goals are bigger than ever.

Five years ago, Ryan Adams was like any other 8-year-old.

That was until he decided to sell hot chocolate.

“My friends were selling chocolate to try and make money. I decided to do it myself to make money for Christmas presents, but when I got it I realized that I had to give it to someone who really needed it. “

That year, Ryan raised $ 150 and donated it to a woman who lost everything she owned in a fire.

“I am so proud of him. His in-laws, his father, his grandparents, we are so proud of him. He is an inspiration to many because most 13 year olds are interested in video games or hunting, I know my son would rather hunt, ”said Ryan’s mother, Shaie Bowen.

Ryan’s hot chocolate sale has grown steadily since then.

Ryan says that with all the community support he has received this year, he has set a goal of $ 2,000.

“I had no idea we were going to do it this year and he stood up and said yes we were going to raise $ 2,000 this year. And I thought oh wow $ 2,000,” Bowen said.

After posting about the event online, Ryan’s mother Shaie Bowen received some unexpected news.

“Tad Kelley from Community Coffee and his wife Misty Kelly contacted me and they donated all of the hot chocolate this year so I didn’t have to shell out money for it.”

Ryan would like to use the money he raises to help as many families as he can.

“A family has a child who has been sick for a while. They go back and forth constantly in Atlanta, in the hospitals, it is a little girl. We gave them last year and we’re going to give them again this year a gas card to help with gas expenses, ”Bowen said.

And Ryan says the cold came just in time. “I was afraid it would be hot and not many people would want hot chocolate, but no, it feels like it’s colder and that helps us a lot.”

Bowen says that in addition to the donation from Community Coffee, Pepsi also agreed to donate the concession stand.

The sale begins Saturday morning at 7 a.m. in front of Golden Corral on Shotwell Street in Bainbridge.

Copyright 2012 WALB. All rights reserved.

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