Chocolate cake

Nigella Lawson’s chocolate cake recipe offers an Irish twist

Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Guinness Cake recipe is easier to make than you might think and requires no cake decorating skills. The recipe on its website has a handy conversion button to allow American fans to switch from metric measures to cups and from British ingredients to more familiar ingredients available in the United States (such as cornstarch instead of flour corn flour and superfine sugar instead of powder). The cake batter bakes in a cake pan and, when cooled, gets a thick layer of cheesy whipped cream frosting.

Although some favorite St. Patrick’s Day recipes aren’t really Irish in origin (like corned beef and cabbage), Guinness stout in cakes and baked goods is something the Irish actually use for this holiday. annual party. The Irish Mirror shares advice on using leftover Guinness – does it really happen?? — in various dishes, including breads and desserts. In “The Official Guinness Cookbook,” author Caroline Hennessey shares that “dark roasted malts in stouts enhance the flavors of coffee and cocoa,” while giving cakes like this a better rise and texture. Lawson’s cake is made with Guinness, looks like a pint of Guinness, is incredibly rich and chocolatey and has real Irish roots – it’s a perfect dessert to make on St. Patrick’s Day. Erin will brag!

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