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New location for Wilbur Chocolate Store – Reading Eagle

Cargill Inc. announced Thursday that it will begin renovations to a new long-term location for its Wilbur chocolate store in Lititz, Lancaster County.

The new store would be located at 45 N. Broad St., directly across from its current location as part of the iconic factory, which closed earlier this year.

It will be in the old Freeze & Frizz Drive-In, which closed this year.

The approximately 3,000 square foot store will employ approximately 20 full and part time employees.

Cargill intends to lease the building, said Pete Stoddardt, Cargill’s director of media relations.

“It’s going to be very Wilbur-centric when it’s done,” Stoddard said.

Cargill hopes to open the new store just before the 2016 Lititz Chocolate March on October 8.

Like the original store, the new location will feature historic artifacts from Wilbur and the confectionery industry, a kitchen where visitors can view handcrafted candies with Wilbur chocolate, and a selection of merchandise including the popular Wilbur buds.

Meanwhile, the company will continue to serve clients at its existing location at 48 N. Broad St. This property has been on the market since March and the company continues to seek a buyer for the property.

“With the sale of the Cargill building underway, we have decided to relocate the store now to ensure we remain a central part of the downtown Lititz shopping district,” said Amy Weik, specialist sales manager at Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate.

Cargill, which acquired Wilbur in 1992 for $ 51 million, ceased production at the plant on January 25, ending Wilbur’s 113-year history of making chocolate in downtown Lititz.

The end of production cut the jobs of around 130 hourly and salaried workers. Another 30 employees in administrative positions were offered jobs at Cargill offices in Minneapolis or Milwaukee.

The majority of the work has been transferred to facilities in Hazleton, Luzerne County, Milwaukee and Ontario. Other jobs will be sent to factories on West Lincoln Avenue in Lititz and Mount Joy in Lancaster County, about 12 miles southwest of Lititz.

Cargill also has a retail warehouse in Elizabethtown.

Across Pennsylvania, Cargill employs approximately 2,200 people.

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