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! Murcia Today – Spanish food alert for 11 chocolate brands

Publication date: 05/20/2022

Chocolate candy sold everywhere Spain contain peanut protein

The Spanish Food Safety Agency has issued an alert for the presence of peanut protein in almost a hundred chocolate products from eleven different brands. The items did not include peanuts on their label and chocolate consumption could be harmful for allergy sufferers.

Sounding the alarm Thursday, May 19, the consumer organization OCU asked parents to pay “special attention” to their purchases since “many of these chocolates are intended for children”.

The European Food Alert Network has alerted Spanish authorities after the discovery of peanut protein in soy lecithin from India.

The affected brands are Amatller, Bon Preu, Amatller Chocolates, Mendaro Chocolates, Lacasa Chocolates, Simon Coll Chocolates, Simon Coll/Waksman Chocolates, Faborit, Ka Kaw, Lekkerland and Chocolate Museum, and include chocolate bars, candies and figurines like coins, umbrellas and pencils.

According to the OCU, these products have been distributed in most of the Autonomous Communities of Spain and the authorities are organizing their withdrawal from the market.

As a precautionary measure, the OCU recommends that people allergic to peanuts who may have purchased these products refrain from consuming them.

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