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Mom reveals how to make a chocolate cake with Aldi’s purchases

A creative mom twist on a cult Aldi The chocolate brand left people in awe of her pastry skills, as she transformed the humble cocoa treat into an extravagant display.

Sharing an image of her creation with the Aldi Mums Facebook group, the woman showed how she transformed Aldi’s Choceur chocolate into an intricate floral-like centerpiece on top of her cake.

“I made a cake for my daughter all Aldi,” she wrote next to the photo.

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The woman made the cake entirely with products from the Aldi supermarket. (Facebook)

“Her middle name is Rose so I thought it was appropriate.”

Mom made the rose “petals” from Choceur’s Milk Waves product, tying them in a neat circle to give the appearance of a blooming bud.

She topped it with strawberries in the center and an edge of colorful chocolate buttons.

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Collecting over 1300 likes from her post, users celebrated the woman’s remarkable cake.

“I steal your idea so much,” shared one user.

“Very inventive and good too I bet,” said another.

Buyers Go Wild for Mommy's Worship Aldi Chocolate Cake Decorating Hack
Aldi Australia’s Choceur has been ranked as the country’s favorite chocolate brand in the past. (Facebook)

Aldi Australia’s Choceur chocolate was previously ranked country’s favorite in consumer survey for Canstar’s Most Satisfied Customer Award.

Considering value for money, packaging design and overall satisfaction, the budget supermarket block reigned supreme, having achieved five-star reviews in four of the five search categories.

The chocolate brand, which costs as little as $ 2.99, covers a range of velvety products, including milk and white chocolate, salty pretzels, coffee and cream, fruits and nuts, black almonds and milk chocolate filled with caramel.

Last year, the chocolate brand’s interpretation of the Kinder Bueno bar, ranked among Aldi’s coveted Product of the Year list.

Front of Aldi store in Melbourne
Chocolate sells for as low as $ 2.99 (ullstein bild via Getty Images)

Choceur’s Liviano Hazelnut Cream Bars have been described as “a crispy golden wafer, finely covered in European milk chocolate” with “a light and creamy filling”.

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