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Martha Stewart’s German Chocolate Cake Recipe Has a Modern Twist

Martha Stewart is the queen of domestic life and she has thrived in this role for decades. Queen of recipes, businesswoman, writer and television producer, her talents extend far beyond the kitchen and throughout the household.

Although Stewart started her career on Wall Street, a drastic change in the 1980s saw her publish her first cookbook, Entertaining. The billionaire has published countless books, started her business and everything in between.

While Stewart doesn’t shy away from traditional recipes, she certainly doesn’t hesitate to put her own twists on certain dishes. His German chocolate cake recipe is unlike any form of savory dessert we’ve ever seen.

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Martha Stewart has hundreds of cake recipes

When it comes to baking, Stewart is the queen of cakes. With hundreds of recipes and a complete cookbook titled Perfect cake, the DIY queen, has mastered everything from plum upside down cake to coffee feather cake to peanut butter cupcakes.

If you fancy or want to try a certain cake, we’re sure Stewart has the recipe that will give you the perfect result. While there are certainly some traditional cakes in Stewart’s recipe arsenal, she’s always on the lookout for new twists and turns.

German Chocolate Cake is traditionally a layered chocolate cake filled and topped with coconut and pecan frosting, Stewart’s is nothing like that.

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Martha Stewart revolutionized the traditional German chocolate cake

On Instagram, Stewart shared a post of his take on German chocolate cake, and it looks very different from what we expected. “Greg makes a German Chocolate Bundt Cake,” Stewart wrote. “German chocolate cake is defined by its iconic coconut and pecan frosting, but we’ve shaken up the tradition and hid it inside. Watch Associate Food Editor Greg (@brooklyncooks) create this chocolate candy that hides a delicious surprise topping inside.

The cake has all the ingredients you would expect from chocolate to grated coconut to butter. However, to capture the gooey goodness of the coconut in the middle of the cake, Stewart’s recipe requires a different kind of baking tradition.

Martha Stewart’s German chocolate cake requires a decay mold

If you saw Stewart’s German Chocolate Cake sitting on your counter, you would probably assume it was a regular chocolate cake. She bakes the cake in a decay pan, which is usually reserved for pound cake and other desserts without garnish.

This way, each piece of this coconut and pecan frosting is surrounded by delicious chocolate. “Here’s the trick: Transfer the batter to the pan, then pour in the gooey goodness – we used a small ice cream scoop for easy release and evenly distributed spoonfuls,” Stewart writes as a recipe tip. “It settles in the middle during baking, so when you slice this shiny ganache, a delicious surprise awaits you. “

For the full list of ingredients, temperature, and baking time, check out Martha Stewart’s German Chocolate Cake Recipe on Martha Stewart Living.

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