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Marks and Spencer Expands Vegan Line For Veganuary Including Pot Of Chocolate Cake

With 175 products now in the Plant Kitchen line, Marks and Spencer has upped the ante with delicious new items including vegetarian meatballs, Tikka Masala curry, a vegan version of BLT and more.

New for 2022, Marks and Spencer has created some brand new menu items, including this delicious chocolate pudding in a jar.

Hooray, the new year is here – and with it, Veganuary, and the mantra ‘new year, new us’.

Now what if you made a commitment to eat less dairy and meat? Or maybe you want to adopt a more plant-based lifestyle as one of your New Year’s resolutions? Well, Marks and Spencer is here to help, as their award-winning, vegan-friendly line is growing.

This vegan, M&S has gone all out – with some amazing new additions to Plant Kitchen, all rated for taste against their meaty counterparts.

From Friday night treats to cooking dinner from scratch – even having lunch on the go! The popular street food destination has made it easier for customers and their families to incorporate plant-based foods into their diets, without compromising on taste.

How delicious does this Plant Kitchen Tikka Masala cauliflower look?

To find your nearest M&S ​​Food, we’ve displayed the store locator here for your convenience. You will also find the latest information on opening and closing hours there.

If you don’t live close enough to a Marks and Spencer’s Food store, you can pick up a selection from their Plant Kitchen line at Ocado – how good is that?

The best of all? There are now around 175 products in the lineup, so there’s never been a better time to try a plant-based diet.

As for the novelties? If you like Friday night curry, M&S has just launched a new Plant Kitchen Tikka Masala – which will blow your mind!

The same cooking techniques were used to craft a vegan recipe – featuring 12 fragrant and balanced spices, creamy coconut milk, grilled onions, roasted squash and cauliflower. It’s also good for you, having the Eat Well logo on it – so you can be sure it’s a healthier option, too.

Next comes the succulent plant-based lasagna – which M&S chefs have spent a year perfecting! It’s an umami flavor bomb – bringing flavorful richness to the stew, combined with a creamy vegan bechamel sauce topped with Santarella tomatoes.

And for those who can’t resist a weekend pizza, Plant Kitchen’s hot and spicy sourdough wood-fired pizza has been topped with vegan pepperoni, creamy vegan mozzarella, pickled jalapeno peppers, spicy roquito peppers. and tomato sauce enhanced with hot smoked paprika.

There are also new Vegetable and Succulent Chopped Vegetable Balls from Plant Kitchen; premium quality mushrooms, from the brilliant M&S ​​supplier Monaghan Mushrooms, are processed with onions, garlic and miso to create delicious meat alternatives that can be cooked in the exact same way as mince and dumplings of ordinary meat. They’re good for you too: gluten-free, a source of protein, high in fiber, and low in fat.

What if you need something to fill you up on the go? Swap your usual BLT for the new VLT Plant Kitchen – made with vine-ripened tomatoes, pork-free bacon and crisp lettuce on malted bread.

If you just need a little snack to keep going, Marks and Spencer has launched a first vegan version of their famous Cheese Twists: Plant Kitchen Cheese Flavor Twists made with puff pastry and vegan cheese.

Once you’ve been through Veganuary, or just like something sweet at the end of a meal? Treat yourself to one of Marks and Spencer’s famous cake jars – now available for the first time in a vegan version: the Plant Kitchen Chocolate Cake Jar.

Did we get your stomach rumbling with some of those vegetable cooking items from Marks and Spencer? Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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