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Living chocolate store opens in Sedona, Arizona – Improving health with chocolate

Gahanna, OH, July 30, 2021 – ( – SalePoint, Inc., a leading provider of high-value business solutions to the retail, enterprise, higher education industries Health and Public Sector, today announced an agreement with Living Chocolate to provide merchant services and point-of-sale system implementation support for the upcoming opening of a new store in Sedona , Arizona.

The store name is “Living Chocolate” and follows Communal Uprising Chocolate’s mission to improve the health and well-being of people through the benefits of key ingredients in No Sugar Added Chocolate. Shari Lynn Flam, CEO of Living Chocolate, said: “When we decided to open a new store in Sedona, Arizona, to provide our chocolates to the community and tourists, we looked for a company with expertise in retail systems to assist us in the selection. of our point of sale system. SalePoint had the experience and expertise to help me choose the right systems for the new store. We look forward to the store opening and being able to serve the Sedona market directly. “

Derrek Orel, Project Manager for SalePoint, said: “After reviewing Shari’s plans and requirements for the new store concept, we determined that a Clover® point of sale system would be an ideal fit for Merchant Services. Advannova. The functionality and ease of use of the Clover® point of sale system will cover Shari’s demands at an affordable investment. It will cover the sale of individual and wrapped chocolates as well as drinks and other items that the new store plans to carry. We are delighted with the opening of the store.

About SalePoint
SalePoint is headquartered in Gahanna, Ohio, with branches in Sacramento, Austin, Cary, North Carolina, and San Diego. SalePoint is a leading provider of high-value business solutions to the public sector, retail outlets, corporate retail, higher education and healthcare industries. SalePoint staff are experienced in implementing self-service applications, electronic forms, cash register, point of sale and enterprise ERP. The company provides a complete solution ranging from hardware and software to the services required to define, implement and fully support the installed solutions. The company’s customers include prominent names such as Spencer Gifts, Cato Corporation, and Sporting Life. SalePoint’s PatientWorks Corporation provides self-service and mobile solutions to the healthcare market. For more information, visit

About living chocolate
Living Chocolate, formerly known as Communal Uprising Chocolate, was born out of a passion for chocolate and for health. In our modern American society, chocolate is considered a dessert, a discretionary food, even taboo or “bad” for you. With this in mind, we can’t really enjoy all of the incredible benefits that chocolate has to offer. Chocolate may in fact be the most nutrient-dense food on the planet. It contains one of the richest magnesium foods on the planet, the nutrients that humans as a species are most depleted of. It contains iron, selenium, copper, oxytocin the drug of love, serotonin the drug of happiness, anandamide, the molecule of happiness. The list goes on. But we cannot enjoy the benefits of chocolate at all because our body has to fight against white sugar. At CUC, we love to keep our chocolate in natural forms that benefit the human body and keep products close to the heart, chocolate, chocolate truffles, ceremonial cocoa, and whole cocoa beans with purpose and intention. We believe chocolate is here to help. For more information, visit

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