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Knoops opens new hot chocolate shop on Turl Street in Oxford

The chain will open a new cafe on Turl Street on February 11.

He already has fans in London and Brighton.

In 2013, founder Jens Knoops, originally from Germany, decided to share his passion for chocolate and opened the first Knoops store in Rye, East Sussex.

Since then, he has opened other Knoops stores, built up a team of chocolate lovers, developed a range of at-home chocolate flakes and published a chocolate cookbook.

Oxford Mail:

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The new Turl Street branch is expected to offer a variety of chocolate drinks made with different percentages of chocolate and then mixed for customers.

More households are buying Velvetiser hot chocolate machines and Knoops is likely to be popular with students and residents alike.

Oxford Mail:

To get the full Knoops experience, you’ll be prompted to follow the suggested method – choose your hot or cold drink, then the percentage of chocolate (there are 20 different types to choose from), then a milk, before finishing with a few ingredients added tasty.

Pastries from Oxford’s Gatineau pastry shop will also be on sale.

Jens Knoop is expected to be at the Oxford store to welcome visitors between February 12 and 14.

The opening of the new cafe near the junction with Broad Street is expected to give a boost to high street commerce.

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The Knoops website states: “The Knoops concept is based on our carefully selected percentage menu which offers chocolates for all tastes and moods.

“We find joy in helping you discover your perfect chocolate drink and encouraging experimentation with different % chocolates and flavors in a process we call ‘Knoopology’.

Oxford Mail:

“This process is simple; choose your chocolate percentage, milk, and additional flavors like sea salt, orange zest, or chili to make it into a hot chocolate, milkshake, or iced chocolate.”

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