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Jimmy’s Famous Seafood Introduces Pepsi’s Chocolate Caramel Cake

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, tucked away in Baltimore, Maryland, is famous for a reason. From their legendary beef with PETA to their standout crab cakes, Jimmy has made a name for himself for all the right reasons. This holiday season, Jimmy’s non-profit, The Famous Fund, has teamed up with the Pepsi Stronger Together campaign to raise money for Toys for Tots!

As a Baltimore resident, I knew I had to visit Jimmy’s to try this cake. My partner and I sat at the bar – a beautiful eye-catching gray bar – and were quickly welcomed. We ordered the jaw-dropping PETA Tears pilsner, inspired by the famous feud between Jimmy’s and PETA, the classic crab dip, the crab cake sliders, the Caesar salad and the limited edition menu; Cheeto Crab Cake Eggrolls and Cheeto Mozzarella Sticks. To end the meal we had the Pepsi Caramel Chocolate Cake.

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood and Pepsi have teamed up to give back this holiday season!

The crab dip was exceptionally gooey and full of crab and was a great start to a meal. The Caesar salad was large enough for two people and came with a large salad server to emphasize that yes it is a large salad. The lettuce was crisp and the dressing wasn’t overwhelming despite covering every inch of the salad. The crab sliders were on point, with not much filling, but lots of crabmeat. As I said earlier, the PETA Tears pilsner was excellent. A light and crisp beer with a pale yellow body completed the whole meal.

Now onto the stars of the show – the limited edition menu. I’m generally not a fan of mozzarella sticks. Still, the Cheetos Mozzarella Sticks were just too good. The cheese was soft and tasted fresh – unlike traditional mozzarella sticks, which can sometimes taste funny. The cheese separated gracefully and not once did it set.

Cheetos Crab Eggrolls were a unique take on an already unique dish, but for the better. The spice of the Cheeto dust complimented the cheese and crabmeat inside. They even warmed up the next day!

The Pepsi caramel cake was also very satisfying. The blue icing on the outside gave way to a delicious mousse with just a index of a Pepsi after taste. Although you might think it wouldn’t work, it does. Pepsi mousse should be used in more desserts!

I must also point out how attentive and wonderful the bar staff were. The two bartenders were attentive and friendly, and not overbearing at all. They checked in at the right time and even suggested a few items. They really elevated an already positive experience. If you’re in the Baltimore area — or want to splurge on a delivery — the menu is worth exploring. They even have sushi! I look forward to visiting Jimmy’s again to try the rest of their offerings.

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