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International Chocolate Day 2020: 10 “Made in India” chocolate brands that changed the way we think about candy

Chocolate is that source of comfort that no other can match. Cheerful? Gloomy? Angry? Celebration? We are looking for chocolates whatever the mood! On this World Chocolate Day, we are celebrating 11 major “Make In India” chocolate brands that have changed the game. With unique flavors and approach to chocolate making, these brands are a lesson for our palates and make every day a cheat day!

11 brands of Indian chocolate

Mason & Cie

This vegan chocolate brand was founded by Jane Mason and Fabien Bontems. Once a lawyer and sound engineer, respectively, they loved the art and science of making chocolate as much as they loved eating it. So they learned more about it, and that’s how Mason & Cie was born. The factory is located in a quiet area of ​​Auroville near Pondicherry. Cocoa beans for chocolate bars are organically grown and sourced from Indian farmers. All products are free from preservatives and emulsifiers. Some of Mason & Co’s popular flavors are Dark Chocolate with Chili and Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate with Sesame and Raisins, and Dark Chocolate with Rosemary and Sea Salt.

Amul Dark Chocolate

In 1973, Gujarat-based Amul entered the chocolate business to supply chocolate for its own ice cream variations. And today, the dairy giant has expanded its chocolate vertical with a wide variety of high-cocoa bars in its “Single Origin Dark Chocolates” range. Amul currently sources cocoa from seven countries (Tanzania, Venezuela, Peru, Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Colombia) and offers a range of dark chocolates from these origins.


Since its founding by chef Sanjana Patel in 2014 in Mumbai, Madness championed the art of modern European pastry and chocolate making. Its bean-to-bar approach brings out the flavor of the finest cocoa beans from Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador. Think sea salt caramel, smoky pink Himalayan salt, and The Berry Good bar (still salivating?). There’s also The Classroom by La Folie, which offers amateur chefs an immersive cooking experience.

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