Chocolate cake

How to Make Chocolate Cake in Your Air Fryer


An air fryer is basically a small oven with a powerful fan. It circulates hot air faster than a regular convection oven and therefore cooks food faster. It can “fry”, roast, dehydrate and of course bake. It really is a very versatile tool.

This gorgeous chocolate fudge takes less than thirty minutes to prepare and bake and tastes amazing. The little touch of chilli in this fondant is wonderful, the chocolate and chilli are just a fabulous flavor combination. I use smoked chilli flakes produced by Frank Hederman at his Belvelly Smokehouse on the Great Island in Cork for this dish. You can order them online, and they are fabulous. I use them a lot in savory and sweet dishes. Hederman also produces the best smoked paprika I’ve ever tasted, so grab some too if you can.

Chocolate fondant is one of those desserts often presented as quite technical and difficult to make, which is frankly rubbish. I blame TV cooking contests for this myth, but ignore this nonsense and give this recipe a try. There are only a few ingredients, and it only takes about fifteen minutes to assemble and eight minutes to cook. In less than thirty minutes, you can serve up a rich, gooey chocolate fudge. It’s the perfect dessert for dinner or just a delicious gourmet treat. This recipe makes four fondants, but you can easily scale it up or down as needed.

If you want to make a gluten-free dessert, just skip the flour in this recipe and you’ll end up with a beautiful chocolate chili soufflé. I discovered it while developing the recipe. I accidentally forgot the flour on my first test batch. The dough rose beautifully and the end result was a beautiful light and airy soufflé. An example of the good things that can come from a mistake in the kitchen. At worst, a mistake while following a recipe is a chance to learn a lesson, but at best, you might stumble upon something new and delicious.

Next time I make them I’ll add a little orange zest, which I think will be delicious. You can add a little alcohol if you want an even more gourmet dessert. Skip the chilli maybe and add some coffee liqueur, that would be wonderful.

Use good quality dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa solids when making fondants. Milk chocolate or a lighter dark chocolate won’t give you the depth of flavor you need for this decadent dessert.

Air Fryer Chilli Chocolate Fudge Cake

Yes, you can bake cake in your air fryer

Preparation time

10 minutes


  • 50g of butter

  • 50g dark chocolate

  • ½ teaspoon smoked chili flakes

  • 1 large egg plus the yolk of another

  • 60g caster sugar

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

  • 50g plain flour

  • Cocoa powder to sprinkle the ramekins


  1. Melt a tablespoon of butter in the microwave. Using a pastry brush, brush the inside of four ramekins with butter and put them in the refrigerator to cool for about ten minutes. Cut the chocolate and fifty grams of butter into pieces and put them in a metal bowl. Place the bowl over a pot of boiling water. Use a bowl that can sit on top rather than inside the pan, as you don’t want the bowl sitting in water.

  2. When the butter and chocolate have melted, remove the heat from the heat and stir to combine well. Add the vanilla essence and mix as well. Put the egg, yolk and sugar in another shot and use an electric whisk to beat them until pale, creamy and thick. This will take three to four minutes. When the mixture is thick and creamy and forms ribbons as you remove the blades from your whisk, it’s ready.

  3. Pour the chocolate and butter mixture into the beaten eggs and sugar and use a spatula to fold them together. Do this slowly as you want to keep as much air in the dough as possible. Sift the flour and fold it into the batter until well blended.

  4. Take the ramekins out of the fridge. Put some cocoa powder in one, then turn it on its side and rotate it to coat the inside with cocoa powder. Pour the cocoa residue into the next ramekin and repeat, adding more cocoa powder as needed until the insides of all four ramekins are well dusted with cocoa.

  5. Heat your hot air fryer to 190°C and let it run for five minutes. Divide the batter evenly between the ramekins. Put them in the air fryer and cook them for up to eight minutes. Remove them for the air fryer and run a butter knife around the inside of the ramekins before unmolding onto serving plates. Don’t let the fondants rest before removing them from the ramekins because they will continue to cook and you risk losing that nice gooey center. Serve immediately with vanilla ice cream and a dusting of cocoa powder.

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