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Baking can be a science. Ingredients need to be measured precisely, and cooking conditions and times really matter. Sometimes, however, a good replacement can make all the difference.

When baking a chocolate cake, coffee is the perfect additional ingredient to make your dessert even more delicious.

Jerrelle Guy, James Beard Award nominee and author of black girl cooking, explained that adding coffee makes the chocolate flavor bolder, but you also won’t have to worry about your dessert tasting like coffee. As for when to add it, you’ll replace one of the last steps with coffee.

Usually you pour boiling water into your batter before the cake goes into the oven. The water helps thin the dough and activates the yeasts. Guy said, however, that water has an overall bland flavor, and while it won’t retain the flavor of your chocolate cake for using it, coffee is the best option. Unlike water, coffee brings out the cocoa, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Guy said to choose a more robust and well-balanced coffee and that instant use coffee is prohibited.

The next time you have a special occasion or just have a huge chocolate craving, don’t forget to grab the coffee for your chocolate cake.

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