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How Chocolate Brands Are Attracting New-Age Consumers


Like every year, chocolate brands have devised new and innovative strategies to attract consumers’ attention during Valentine’s Day week.

A unique trend we’re seeing ranges from coworking spaces in metropolitan cities to gigantic multinationals (and even city corporations) – “conversational technology” is having its day in the sun. With smart notifications and interactive messaging now going mainstream on WhatsApp, some brands are taking their game – on the world’s largest messaging platform – to a whole new level.

The key player among them in this growing conversational technology space is Tarsense Technologies Pvt. ltd. (Tars), a B2B SaaS startup that has just announced a brand new partnership with Nestlé India, the Indian subsidiary of the world’s largest food and beverage group. Therefore, the result of this partnership is a unique customer engagement campaign.

Whether it’s the quirky theme or the use of Gen-Z lingo, Nestlé India’s intention here is to connect with young consumers in a fun and innovative way, leaving them with an experience of Incredibly smooth customer engagement, delivered through their favorite app, i.e. WhatsApp.

Ish Jindal, CEO of Tars, said: “WhatsApp Marketing is no longer a rocket ship, waiting for its confirmation code. done through us.

Additionally, there is a new KITKAT Love Break campaign which brings a unique new pack of products under the brand.

Rupali Rattan, Head – Confectionery Business, Nestlé India said: “The KITKAT Love Break campaign recognizes that young people today want to be unique in their expressions. Armed with this truth, KITKAT wanted to customize the packs to make their breaks special during this season of love. The millions of unique packs will allow young people to express themselves as they wish and define their special relationships. »

Once again, Cadbury 5 Star, the iconic brand of Mondelez India, has launched an innovative campaign that attempts to save singles from the dreaded question, “What do you do on Valentine’s Day?”. Prompt them to respond with “I’m out of town…I’m going to my cousin’s wedding,” the brand has provided the perfect solution for singles to avoid pinks and reds that look more like blues.

Getting a head start on its ‘do nothing’ proposition, the campaign aims to combat the pressure to celebrate Valentine’s Day in its traditional sense. The brand has taken over an island off the coast of Karnataka and renamed it “My Cousin’s Wedding”, the perfect alibi for singles looking to get away from the pool of love and romance. cliches. Consumers can join in the fun by simply scanning the special Cadbury 5-Star Valentine’s Packs, which will lead them to the NothingCoin website to mine coins for a chance to bid on the island while earning more exciting gifts.

Speaking about the campaign, Anil Viswanathan, Vice President, Marketing – Mondelez, India, said: “Being at the heart of the country’s youth culture, Cadbury 5 Star has always communicated witty and relevant stories. As a brand that truly understands Gen Z, we wanted our Valentine’s Day campaign to represent single people – not only to help them avoid awkward questions, but also to give them the experience to sit down and do nothing; bringing back the Cadbury 5 star promise with elements of humor and quirkiness intact.

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