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Grab the best chocolate in India from THESE 7 popular chocolate brands


Everyone loves chocolates. It is something that unites all age groups, people of different opinions, beliefs and social strata. Bad days or good days, chocolate is the answer to partying! When a product can bring so much unity and happiness to human life, it’s no wonder we always yearn for more. Different types of chocolates instill different moods in us. They are an excellent anti-stress and also seen as a solution to everything from upset and anger to happiness. Here we have selected our favorite chocolates from which you can vote for the one you think is the best chocolate in India by commenting below and also buying them here.

Grab the best chocolate from India in this list of 7:

1. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate

Having become synonymous with good chocolate, the Hershey’s brand is at the top of our list of favorite chocolates. Its soothing texture will melt your heart and fill you with a chocolatey joy you’ll crave again and again. Enriched with essential nutrients like calcium and vitamins, it’s also good for people struggling with mood swings, depression or just to brighten up a bad day.

Price: Rs 195

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2. Cadbury Bournville

Bringing the luxury and goodness of premium dark chocolate, Cadbury’s Bournville is a taste you’ll never forget. It allows you to unwind, relax and end your day on a sweet note with rich cocoa. It is a must for all dark chocolate lovers.

Price: Rs 270

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3. Amul India dark chocolate

How can we talk about the best chocolate brands in India without mentioning Amul! From ice cream to other dairy products, Amul is one of the most trusted brands in India that delivers both quality and taste! Amul dark chocolate is a smooth chocolate bar with a creamy texture It’s very delicious.

Price: Rs 110

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4. Snickers Peanut Chocolate Bar

Hunger? Grab a Snickers! This chocolate bar can fill your stomach and your heart and is absolutely delicious with caramel and peanuts to give you that crunchy creamy taste. Don’t let stress take over, get ready for a chocolate collision with the Snickers chocolate pack and say goodbye to unwanted worries.

Price: Rs 486

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5. Ferrero Rocher

A delicious combination of textures and flavors, this taste of luxury is something you will come back to. Ferrero Rocher is made with the finest hazelnuts, dipped in smooth chocolate and surrounded by crispy wafers and chunks of hazelnuts that work like a ticket to escape reality and drown in the sweet thoughts of chocolates.

Price: Rs 529

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6. Nestle Kit Kat

Nestle Kit-Kat is the best part of every 90s kid’s life. The most evolved version of chocolate is indeed one of the best chocolates to grab! With a brownie coating on dark chocolate and cocoa wafer cubes, Nestle Kit-Kat Dessert Delight Brownie Cubes give you a delicious dessert experience anytime.

Price: Rs 52

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seven. Cadbury Nuts

Hazelnuts have always been my favorite! And guess what? Even Kareena Kapoor Khan loves it! Each packet contains chocolate covered cashews that deliver a crunchy, crunchy nutty bite with a chocolatey taste. It is undoubtedly the best chocolate to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Price: Rs 376

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So these are the 7 chocolates that we think are the best! Which of these do you think is the best chocolate in India and your favorite stress reliever? Tell us in the comments below.

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