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History of German National Chocolate Cake Day

German Chocolate Cake – the fudge-y, nutty, and so sweet dessert we all thought we were German! The treat is defined by its rich layers of chocolate cake, which are coated with coconut and pecan frosting and often topped with maraschino cherries. While many Americans think German chocolate comes from Germany, you’d be hard pressed to find a German who knows it.

Sam German, an Anglo-American chocolatier with the Baker’s Chocolate Company, first created his distinct variety of dark baking chocolate in 1852. In his honor, the Baker’s Chocolate Company named the creation after him, nicknaming it ” Baker’s German’s Sweet Chocolate“. ‘ This paves the way for the culinary invention of the German chocolate cake and explains the improper origin!

The German chocolate cake wasn’t really born until about a century later, in 1957. In Dallas, Texas, housewife Mrs. George Clay sent in her cake recipe to be featured as ” Recipe of the day” in “The Dallas Morning News”. She had called it “German’s Chocolate Cake” after the baking chocolate she used. Over time, however, the “s” was dropped from the recipe.

Unsurprisingly, the recipe took off, spreading mostly by word of mouth. Baker’s Chocolate sales are reported to have risen 73% in one year as bakers scramble to make more German chocolate cakes. Baker’s brand owner General Foods began distributing the cake recipe to other bakers nationwide. Today, many bakery companies still make the decadent dessert!

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