Chocolate cake

From chocolate cake with avocado frosting to Cajun-spiced cauliflower tacos: our eight best vegan recipes of the day!


On your marks, ready, recipes! Here are our fresh-from-the-mill recipes just published in one convenient place! These are the best vegan recipes of the day and are now part of the thousands of recipes on our Food monster app! Our new recipes include smoothies and salad, so if you’re looking for something new and delicious, these recipes are for you!

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1. Chocolate Cake with Avocado Frosting

Vegan chocolate cake with avocado frosting

Source: Chocolate Cake with Avocado Frosting

This chocolate cake with avocado icing from Emily von Euw is a beautiful, elegant and mouth-watering cake for everyone to enjoy! As with all the recipes in this book, it’s vegan, gluten-free, and magically full of nutritious ingredients. PS I know not everyone will like avocado in their icing. It is not for all palates! So feel free to use your own favorite plant-based glaze in this recipe. Reprinted with permission from Vegan Food in Your Vitamix by Emily von Euw. Page Street Publishing Co. 2022. Photo credit: Emily von Euw.

2. Cajun-Spiced Cauliflower Tacos

Cajun Spicy Cauliflower Vegan Tacos

Source: Cajun Spice Cauliflower Tacos

These Cajun-Spiced Cauliflower Tacos from Taavi Moore are filled with smoky, crisp Cajun-spiced cauliflower and topped with a citrus corn salad. Charred and crispy cauliflower, light and lemony corn salad, fresh cilantro and lime, aka a dream combo. These tacos are full of flavor and scream sunny weather and outdoor barbecues.

3. Zucchini Pizza Bites

Vegan Zucchini Pizza Bites

Source: Zucchini Pizza Bites

Zucchini grows abundantly in our garden, and it is so versatile, healthy and tasty! It’s also easy to store or freeze for year-round enjoyment. We add frozen zucchini to smoothies, ice cream, fresh zucchini that I add to desserts like brownies, and of course we love zucchini noodles and zucchini oats. With zero fat and lots of fiber, it also contains significant amounts of vitamins B6, riboflavin, folate, C and K, and minerals. Yum ! These zucchini pizza bites from Lena Ropp will be one of your favorite snacks. A perfect low carb pizza ready in just 10 minutes in the oven!

4. Hummus and tomato bruschetta

Vegan hummus and tomato bruschetta

Source: Hummus and tomato bruschetta

This hummus and tomato bruschetta from Harriet Porterfield is bursting with flavor and ready in under 20 minutes. A delicious lunch or light dinner. The hummus recipe is a staple in my kitchen and will suffice for 2 full jars. The marinade for the tomatoes is simply basil, olive oil, and salt, which really brings out their juicy flavor.

5. Baked Beans

Vegan Baked Beans

Source: Baked Beans

These Baked Beans by Hannah Sunderani are the perfect blend of salty and sweet, smoky spicy and comforting! Really, you’ll never buy canned baked beans again. Once you’ve tried baked beans from scratch, there’s no turning back.

6. S’mores Ice Cream Cake

Vegan S'mores Ice Cream Cake

Source: S’mores Ice Cream Cake

There are few things in life that are better than taking the first bite of a perfectly made smore – the crunch of a graham cracker, the burnt caramel of a marshmallow, and the rich, gooey chocolate. What if you could have all of that, plus ice cream? This Holly Bertone S’mores Ice Cream Cake has all the flavors and textures of a perfect smore, but with the added bonus of being a cool, creamy treat. It’s the perfect summer dessert.

7. Chocolate trail mix bars

Vegan Trail Mix Bars

Source: Chocolate Trail Mix Bars

This one is for chocolate lovers! These crunchy bars are incredibly easy to make and also gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free. All you need to make them are these simple ingredients that you can get at most supermarkets. These James Wythe Trail Mix candy bars are so much fun to make that if you have kids you MUST ask them to make it for you. They will love doing it.

8. Trail Mix No-Bake Popcorn Clusters

Vegan No-Bake Trail Mix Popcorn Clusters

Source: Trail Mix No-Bake Popcorn Clusters

These easy to assemble treats are totally adaptable and adorable! Christine DesRoches No-Bake Trail Mix Popcorn Clusters are a combination of all your trail mix and fluffy popcorn favorites. Popcorn clusters only take about 20 minutes to pop into the freezer, making them a great party treat to whip up in a snap.

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