Chocolate cake

Flourless chocolate cake recipe

  • I made it last night on a whim because I had everything I needed minus the hazelnuts. It turned out great! I used suggestions from other reviewers and baked it 45 minutes. I was terrified when it came out thinking I overcooked it. But it still went well.

  • I preferred your old flourless chocolate cake. He asked for the eggs to be separated. The recipe at this point is the same BUT do not put in the egg whites yet. You whipped the egg whites separately until frothy and soaring. Fold it after your chocolate mixture. The cake comes out less wobbly and does not run. And it was a flip of the springform pan. Step 2. So the bottom has become the top. Please bring back your old recipe from the magazine.

  • This cake is a great recipe to impress a crowd (it’s a very rich cake and will last a few days after it’s made because it’s only moist – I’d store it in a dry space – not a fridge, otherwise it is impossible to cut it cleanly). When pouring in the melted butter/chocolate mixture, stir a little Sabayon (the whipped egg) into the chocolate – this helps the hot mixture emulsify better with the egg without drawing out the air. You also need to whisk the sabayon for about 20 minutes as a guideline to get a really nice fluffy mixture. We make it with a drizzle of melted white chocolate, lime zest and a little chilli powder for a tangy serving – with chocolate earth (a mixture of sugar or glucose, water and chocolate) if you want to be more chic!

  • Do yourself a favor and bake this cake tonight! I splurged and bought Valrhona 71% chocolate and used European butter. Followed the recipe to the letter. No hazelnuts and add a little icing sugar with a whisk and sprinkle the cake. I used a 10 inch springform pan and baked it for 35 minutes. It came out perfectly, almost everyone at my dinner had seconds.

  • This cake is delicious, but you definitely need a cake pan at least 2 inches deep. This cake was easy to make, I love the music videos, makes a tender and delicious cake.

  • Agree that the batter overflows the 9-inch pan. Baked for 45 inches to be sure

  • This cake was a HIT!!! I made this for my daughter’s boyfriend’s birthday tonight and everyone gave it a 10! The trick is that you have to follow the recipe carefully. I used a springform pan because I looked at it and knew there would be too much batter for a round cake pan. I used convection baking and baked it for exactly 40 minutes (I have a Miele oven). I let it cool, as directed in the recipe, then I removed the springform pan. I left it all night covered with plastic wrap on the counter. Tonight I sprinkled icing sugar on top and served it with whipped cream and ice cream. Everyone thought it was so delicious and they all loved the consistency. I used three Ghirardelli 60% cocoa bars which I highly recommend. This recipe is fabulous and I will make it again. Thanks for posting.

  • The consensus seems to be that the oven temperature or baking time is incorrect. Too bad no one from BA ever reads the comments. This recipe needs to return to the test kitchen for review. I had no egg layer as some have described. I think it has to do with the temperature of the chocolate mixture being too hot. Also, it takes a lot of folding to get the dough well combined. Don’t be too afraid of over-mixing if you’re just folding. I made good decisions and bad ones. GOOD: I used a 9″ springform pan. The dough rose all the way to the top during baking. I think it would have come out of the pan just fine if not for the bad decisions. BAD: Because of the springform pan nonstick, I shouldn’t have used the circle of parchment at the bottom. This wrong choice meant I had to flip the cake twice and the second round was disastrous. The cake was too soft and moist. It fell apart. The other bad decision can either be blamed on an inaccurate recipe or my impatience. I had baked the cake for 45 minutes and it was still wonky; it was just too wonky. Expect this cake to bake for an hour or more. Wait until the “ever so slightly” wobble stage, however long it takes. The flavor of the cake shreds I ended up with had a good flavor. I’m glad to do it for me and not for the company.

  • Yes, a thousand times yes. I baked mine for 40 minutes on convection and it still could have used more time. a 9 inch pan was perfect. I usually use parchment circles in the bottom of all my cakes, so this wasn’t a challenge. Normally I don’t use parchment AND butter on the sides, I did both this time. I loosened the edges before the flip, it was wet even on the edges, that should have been a clue for me, it wasn’t. It turned around easily and then turned around easily. When you trust your instinct more than the timer. Plus, serving it with whipped cream is truly a splendid combination.

  • The cake is actually quite tasty but a crumbly mess! I had enough batter to fill a 9 inch springform pan. Used convection cook for 30 minutes and still wonky. 10 others fixed the wobble but the outside was pretty dry. I’m glad I didn’t plan any company!

  • This is a BA Basicly recipe with few ingredients. Easy to do but important not to skip steps. The chocolate (I used 7 oz Lindt 70% Cacao and Ghiradelli 60% Bittersweet) and butter mixture should cool completely. My pan retains heat, so I briefly transferred the chocolate mixture to the refrigerator to continue cooling. I beat the eggs and sugar for 10 minutes with a hand mixer on the highest setting. Carefully and carefully stir the chocolate mixture into the egg mixture to retain aeration. I made sure that the chocolate/egg mixture becomes a dark chocolate color like the video. I switched to a buttered (no parchment paper needed) 9″ springform pan and it was easier than flipping this fudge cake on a plate. I baked it for 40 mins @ 325 – top was dry but I couldn’t tell if it was wobbly underneath. It was very slightly warm and gooey in the middle when we cut the cake. I thought it might need a little more time in the oven. Although ‘After overnight in the fridge it was nicely dense and melty.A rich cake that goes well with unsweetened cream, coffee or milk to round out the richness.

  • I just made it yesterday for Valentine’s Day… it went well! cooks about 45 minutes. I used a 10 inch springform cake pan so I didn’t have to try flipping it. I used semi-sweet chocolate chips and omitted the 1/4 cup sugar. The cake was delicious gooey chocolate! Also serve with vanilla ice cream.

  • Done today, read everything here before you start. Used springform pan, dough came near the top. Waited for the chocolate/butter to cool until the bottom of the pan was cold. Beat eggs with stand mixer on high speed (12) x 11 minutes. Mixed together, yes, it was a bit grainy, but I ignored it. Need to bake x 60 mins at 325 before it stops shaking all over. The taste of a very rich chocolate soufflé cake. I didn’t get the egg bottom that some people had. Thank you all for all the advice

  • Brilliant recipe, but you MUST let the chocolate and butter recipe cool. I used a makeshift double boiler for the butter and chocolate, which made it easy to place over a pan of cold water to bring to room temperature. The family favourite!

  • I was very excited to try this recipe, and I was doing pretty well until it was time to incorporate the chocolate into the egg mixture. I’m not used to cooking with melted chocolate, so maybe room temperature has a different meaning here, but the chocolate had cooled to 80 degrees and was starting to thicken – according to the videos accompanying this recipe , the chocolate should be pourable so I poured before it cooled/thickened further. When the chocolate touched the egg mixture, the chocolate didn’t mix together when I slowly folded it, but became grainy and separated. I mixed it in as best I could – slowly and carefully to avoid over-mixing – and cooked it. What I ended up with was a gooey top layer (with a good crust and sides) and an egg layer on the bottom. I would like to understand what I did wrong that created the egg layer. Most reviews mention that if the chocolate is too hot it can cook the eggs, but I’m not sure how cold the chocolate could have been and still be mixable. Advice would be appreciated!

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