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Few things satisfy a sweet tooth better than a homemade chocolate cake. We’ve featured a number of decadent cakes in the past, including a Guy Fieri Seven Tier Chocolate Whiskey Cake and Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake which is surprisingly delicious. However, sometimes we just want a simple cake recipe that can be put together quickly – and without taking all the bowls and appliances out of the kitchen.

Luckily, the blogger behind Crunchy Creamy Sweet, Anna, has a chocolate cake recipe that comes together in a bowl. Not only is this chocolate cake easy to make, it will keep the baking chaos out of your kitchen.

Think of this Chocolate Bowl Cake Recipe as a way to get all the benefits of dessert from scratch with the convenience of a box mix. It promises a “rich and decadent chocolate cake” in less than an hour.

Crispy Sweet Cream

Once you’ve taken out your mixing bowl, it’s time to put the cake ingredients together. If you’re cooking, you’ll likely have most of the basic foods on hand, such as flour, sugar, eggs, cocoa powder, vegetable oil, and a few other standard items.

The recipe calls for buttermilk as well, and if you don’t have it handy, Anna shared a handy tip on how to make your own with whole or half and half milk and a little apple cider vinegar. .

You will also need a whisk, an 8-inch cake pan (round or square), measuring cups and spoons, and a toothpick. That’s it! No need to drag the big stand mixer to get the job done.

Anna also included a simple fudge frosting recipe to accompany the chocolate bowl cake. After all, what’s a cake without a rich layer of frosting?

Crunchy Creamy Sweet

Even the frosting is a cinch to make! With five simple ingredients, the frosting only requires one pot or saucepan.

Now the next time you need a chocolate cake for a weekday dessert or even a party, you have an easy and delicious recipe.

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