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Crazy about caramel? Try the Caramel Chocolate Cake at this home bakery in Las Piñas ASAP!

This moist chocolate cake is covered in a thick layer of smooth and creamy caramel ganache!

Manila, Philippines – If you love silky, decadent caramel and you’re a certified chocolate addict, there’s a new homemade cake in town that should be next on your list to try – Moonchild’s latest Creamy Caramel Cake!

Photo courtesy of Moonchild

The new sweet offering from Las Piñas in-house bakery is a dream for lovers of moist chocolate cake and the sweet burnt sugar of caramel. The soft and moist chiffon cake is covered in a thick layer of smooth, creamy and silky caramel ganache that is not too sweet but still indulgent. Each bite guarantees tingling in the mouth, without any um can.

Photo courtesy of Moonchild

It’s a balanced dessert in terms of sweetness and texture, and easily appeases dessert lovers who don’t like overly sweet cakes, but still want that decadent hint of caramel and chocolate to blend together consistently.

You can store the cake for up to 12 hours at room temperature (as long as it is not directly exposed to heat). It’s good in the fridge for a week, and a month in the freezer. It’s best at room temperature, so enjoy it right away! You can also microwave your slice for a few seconds to get that thick, gooey caramel ganache again.

Photo courtesy of Moonchild

Moonchild’s new bestseller follows home baker Lea Sawali’s first hit dessert – the simple yet sinful chocolate cake – which has a thick chocolate ganache on top.

Try This Simple But Sinful Chocolate Cake By A Stay-At-Home Mom In Las Piñas City

“Among the people who grew to love our decadent chocolate cake, we found a significant number of caramel lovers who were clamoring for a new caramel variation, so we decided to go with it,” Lea said. to Rappler.

Moonchild’s Creamy Caramel Cake costs P395 for the small size (which you can honestly finish in one sitting) and P745 for the large. It has been available since March 8.

Moonchild by Lea Sawali is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The main hub is located at BF Resort, Las Piñas City. Customers can place their orders through the Moonchild website. –

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