Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake recipes for all (and all) occasions

Could this be our happiest world tour ever?

We think that might be the case.

Chocolate cake in all its glorious forms is guaranteed to put a smile on your cake smeared dial.

Those chocolate feel-good endorphins kick in when doubled with the comfort of baking cakes.

Chocolate cake is basically all that’s right in the world. As a result, each culture has managed to put their own special spin on this favorite, so start at the top and work your way down.

Brits add mint

Peppermint and chocolate have always been good friends and never more so than in this Peppermint Chocolate Chip Roulade. It’s an after dinner mint in cake form and we’re here for it.

The meringue must be mentioned

While staying in Australia for a while, take a load of those layers of meringue and mousse. It’s the puffy chocolate cake for a party.

Argentina loves diapers

Chocotorta is the birthday cake of choice in Argentina and it’s not hard to see why. Cookies dipped in chocolate milk are covered in dulce de leche and topped with dark chocolate ganache. That’s right – no oven is needed to produce that celebratory feel.

France makes him sassy

It’s French cuisine, so naturally, a sauce is involved. In this case, it’s the gooey center of a delicious chocolate pud.

Austria is all about Sacher

The rich and elegant Sacher torte is perhaps the most famous chocolate cake in the world (shh, quiet Black Forest cake, you’ll soon have your turn).

Australians dope it with a little alcohol

Rum and raisins are a combination Australians have always embraced – rum and raisin ice cream, rum and raisin chocolate and, now… rum and raisin chocolate cake. Sweet chocolate gods, we call home.

It’s sticky in Sweden

Kladdkaka is practically the symbol of Swedish coffee houses – everyone serves a version of it. The center is deliberately undercooked to stay nice and gooey (“kladd” means “sticky” in Swedish).

Bosnian without cooking

Chocolate cream is topped with small butter cookies to make a special cake that can withstand a strong cup of coffee. There’s no cooking, just plenty of time in the fridge.

America prepares for therapy

Anyone who loves chocolate cake knows it’s true: it can heal all kinds of heartaches. This rich, extra-chocolate cake from Ruth Rieichl is literally called “the cake that cures everything” and we believe it.

Don’t forget the red velvet

Back then, a chemical reaction between unprocessed cocoa and buttermilk gave red velvet cake its distinctive hue. Nowadays it is more likely to be colored by food coloring or beets.

Morocco adds dates

Mix dates and almonds into your chocolate cake and you’ll instantly add a Moroccan touch to your snack.

Germany’s favorite

Does this beloved chocolate, cherry and kirsch layer cake need an introduction? I did not mean it !

Hungary adds a lot of nuts

Hungarian grillaz pie showcases what sublime addition nuts are to chocolate cake. Who doesn’t love hazelnut crunch in their chocolate cake?

Italians love chocolate torta

You’ll find many variations on the chocolate torta theme across Italy. The torta gianduja originates from Piedmont and is a great starting point.

Mexico turns up the heat

Are you surprised to learn that in Mexico chili is added to both the cake and icing? We neither !

Never enough chocolate cake

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