Chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake Recipe by Lottie Bedlow of Great British Bake Off

Do not stress to make the pastry cream

Pastry cream is notoriously difficult to make from scratch, but Lottie explains that it is actually a very important skill to have as a baker as it can be the basis of many other dishes like ice cream and custard. . “Take your time when adding the hot milk,” she advises. “You just need to make sure the milk isn’t boiling – it should be around 43-45 degrees [celsius]. “

Lottie adds that you have to continuously whip the custard mixture. “Don’t walk away like I did or you’ll end up with chocolate scrambled eggs!”

Your sponge is supposed to sink

Lottie takes inspiration from Nigella for this sponge cake recipe, adding oil and cold water to it, explaining that the emulsification process makes the sponge cake really creamy. “It’s an incredibly moist paste so don’t panic – you literally pour it in.”

Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to break the rules

Although Lottie recommends baking the sponge at 160 ° C, she explains that everyone’s ovens are different, so it’s best to keep an eye on the sponge and adjust the heat / times to suit how it looks. . “These are such amazing ingredients that anything that comes back will taste amazing.”

Be creative when it comes to decorating

“I used Maltesers in mine to decorate it, but you just use your favorite chocolate, any chocolate you want to put in it,” Lottie explains, explaining that the holes you cut out for the custard are the space. perfect for your favorite chocolate.

Embrace the mess

“This cake is definitely not a cake to cut into perfect slices and serve around the table,” Lottie says, explaining that you’ll need a knife and fork to eat it and it won’t look like maybe not exactly what you expected, but it will taste amazing. .

Eat it quickly and alone

Lottie recommends trying to eat this cake in one day, or maybe two, as that’ll be the best time, making it a great option for parties and large groups. She explains that you don’t need to add cream because custard already adds that texture – she describes it as “an all-encompassing chocolate mess” – but it pairs well with the fruit, “though. you want to cut it with a few raspberries, you can’t go wrong with some fruit, but otherwise that’s about all you need from a single slice bake.

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