Chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake City 20th Anniversary Show!


Good morning! We are Chocolate Cake City, and we need your help (money) for our 20th anniversary show on November 12 at Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles! The show will be written and performed by the current troupe and any alumni who wish to relive their glory days at the CCC. We thought it would be a nice change of scenery to perform in Los Angeles, but no one told us how expensive it was! We have to pay for a theatre, flights and hell, probably even food. Remember to make a donation, you help us do what we love.

We also have rewards for donations of certain sizes! They are the following:

  • $20.00 We make you an honorary member of Chocolate Cake City! (title makes no sense)
  • $50.00 One hour phone call with the Chocolate Cake City member of your choice! (Fees apply)
  • $120.00 You can name a character from the show! We promise!
  • $220.00 Chocolate Cake City will write and read you a bedtime story!
  • $420.00 Chocolate Cake City will write and perform a song/rap for you!
  • $1,020.00 How could we ever reimburse you? Seriously? You would pay for travel and accommodation for a full member, which would be an absolutely out of this world gift, and we would be more than happy to help you find a suitable reward. (Some CCC members have agreed that they will receive a CCC tattoo for this level of reward, so there are a limited number of those to hand out)
  • $9,500.00 This would pay for the entire show. Therefore, you can name the whole show. We challenge you to give that much.

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