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chocolate brands like Nestlé, Lindt, Toblerone are all Swiss

Did you know that your favorite chocolate brands like Nestlé, Lindt, Toblerone are all Swiss? The chocolates from this beautifully diverse country are famous around the world for several reasons. Here they are:

Sweet story

The nation has a long history of excellence in chocolate making that dates back 200 years when François-Louis Cailler opened the first mechanized chocolate factory in Vevey in 1819. He put into practice all the tricks he had learned as a as an intern in Ticino with the Italian chocolatiers. This was the beginning of Switzerland’s love affair with chocolate which continues today with local chocolatiers still using traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation. Although the Swiss chocolate industry is founded on tradition, it always seeks to innovate, which is one of the secrets of its success. In 1887, after many attempts, Swiss chocolate maker Daniel Peter created the original formula for what would become the world’s first successful milk chocolate. Peter called his product “Gala” from the Greek, which means “milk”. Before that, chocolate was not considered a delicacy. It was more of a nourishing and medicinal food due to its bitter taste. Apart from that, the Swiss have taught confectioners several new and important techniques like tempering chocolate and conching to texturize and flavor chocolate which creates a melt-in-the-mouth experience.

Passionate chocolate makers

Last year, one of the oldest Swiss chocolate makers in the world, Lindt, launched the “Maison du Chocolat” in Zurich. This 65,000 square foot, three-storey, multifunctional museum space, dedicated solely to chocolate, is dedicated to the history and production of one of Switzerland’s most delicious exports. The space is also home to the world’s largest “chocolate fountain” which rises to 9m at the entrance to the building, as well as the world’s largest Lindt Chocolate Factory, a Lindt Café and a Lindt Chocolate Factory for those who like to do it. their own chocolate. the creations. Ode to the world of chocolate addicts, this chocolate paradise is another reason we all need to add Switzerland to our travel lists!

Chocolate Tours

Across Switzerland, travelers can experience various chocolate tasting tours in Zurich, Bern and Basel. One of the most unique and fun chocolate tours takes guests through Lavaux. On this itinerary, travelers can go on a hike to learn more about the history of this sweet temptation while savoring the delights of Grand Cru pralines! You can also visit the Funky Chocolate Club in Interlaken to discover the art of chocolate making. The Club provides visitors with aprons, a chef’s hat and all the necessary ingredients to put themselves in the shoes of a real chocolate maker and create a personalized Choco masterpiece!

In addition to the circuits, the Montreux-Bernese Oberland railway has dedicated an entire train to the world’s most irresistible temptation. The Chocolate train runs between Montreux and the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory in Broc and is a “must see” for those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth as well as for railway and travel enthusiasts. With such an abundance of chocolate available across the country, it’s not hard to imagine that the Swiss are the biggest consumers of chocolate than any other nation in the world. They eat a record 11 kg of chocolate per year! No wonder then that they are very happy. Chocolate is known to have extremely calming properties and is a known brain stimulator. So the best thing you can do to forget about the news and morbid thoughts these days would be grab a Swiss chocolate bar, cheer yourself up, and relax!

By Puja Gupta


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