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Chocolate brands launch new products to meet consumer needs for Valentine’s Day gifts

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a box of chocolates. Known as an aphrodisiac since Aztec times, the gift of chocolate has been linked to expressions of love and affection for hundreds of years. In addition to its romantic associations, chocolate has long been known to help induce feelings of calm, contentment and to act as an overall mood booster. According to the Global Confectionery Website, Valentine’s Day is the third best performing day for chocolate sales, accounting for nearly a quarter of all chocolate sales in the United States each year. In 2020, the National Retail Federation (NRF) predicted that Americans would spend $ 2.4 billion on candy related to shopping on Valentine’s Day.

Brands are positioning themselves with consumers seeking gifts that offer comfort and connection, as Americans continue to experience the insulating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Major candy brands including Reese’s, Dove, Hershey’s and Ferraro are launching new products and advertising strategies to attract consumers early and often as Valentine’s Day approaches.

Heart-shaped boxes take a back seat as chocolate brands promote non-romantic Valentine’s Day gifts

Over the past decade, Valentine’s Day gifts have moved beyond romantic feelings, evolving to represent all forms of affection and kinship. From 2010 to 2020, Valentine’s Day spending increased dramatically as gift recipients expanded to represent more than spouses, love interests, and other important people. According to data from the FRN, consumers spend more money on Valentine’s Day gifts as expressions of non-romantic affection for friends, family, coworkers, and even pets. While flowers, jewelry, and lingerie can be traditional classic Valentine’s Day gifts, chocolate could be the perfect way to show thoughtfulness, appreciation, and friendship. Chocolate remains a prime gift choice among consumers, due to its price, accessibility, and almost universal appeal. Both Reese’s and Dove have launched new products that move away from the traditional heart-shaped box and encourage consumers to celebrate Valentine’s Day with everyone in their lives.

Reese’s begins promoting Valentine’s Day programming after Christmas

Hershey’s quickly turned its attention away from the holiday season, announce The Reese product line for Valentine’s Day and Easter on December 28. At the head of the Reese line for Valentine’s Day is Reese’s Big Box O ‘Love, an alternative to the classic heart-shaped chocolate box. Erin Crawford, Hershey’s brand manager, Holiday, said: “Whether you are a hopeless romantic or a last minute Cupid, these new offers are the perfect treat to make Valentine’s Day even more special.” Instead of going for a matching variety, Reese’s Big Box O’Love features 20 classic Reese peanut butter cups that deliver all the sweetness without the need for a card.

Dove launches pink tube as perfect non-romantic Valentine’s Day gift

Dove has announced its truffle gift tubes.  Limited time Dove Truffles gift tubes

This week, Mars-owned Dove introduced new packaging to align with the brand’s marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day. Instead of the traditional heart-shaped red box, Dove announced that it Truffle Gift Tubes. Limited-time Dove Truffles gift tubes can be filled with milk or dark chocolate truffles and will be packaged in pink souvenir tubes. Dove’s newest article is for consumers who are expanding their Valentine’s Day gift recipients. Brand Director for Dove Chocolate Leslie Philipsen noted, “[Dove] wanted to provide fans with an easy way to deliver delicious, high quality chocolate to all the important people in their lives. Packaged in beautiful keepsake packaging and with a pre-written message included on the back, our new gift products make it easy for fans to spread the joy to their friends, colleagues and loved ones.

Ferraro seduces all audiences with a range of limited edition products for Valentine’s Day

Ferrero Rocher, Butterfinger, Crunch and Kinder Joy

In a recent press release, the confectionery brand Ferrara (parent brand of well-known chocolate brands like Ferrero Rocher, Butterfinger, Crunch and Kinder Joy), has announced its product line for Valentine’s Day 2021. In addition to its classic offerings, Ferraro also promotes fun offers and festive ones such as the Butterfinger and Crunch “Novelty Mustache & Lip Set”. According to Press release, Whether you want to tell someone you have a ‘CRUNCH’ on them, or you ‘MUSTACHE’ them to be yours, these fun gifts will bring a smile to your Valentine’s face. As part of their broader advertising strategy for Valentine’s Day, Ferraro also encouraged consumers to visit his Pinterest page, where users will find tips for incorporating Ferraro brand products into Valentine’s Day gifts and celebrations. The brand also uses buy pins to help Pinterest users quickly buy the products they need for their recipes and designs.

Hershey’s Leverages Microsite to Encourage Consumers to Share Love in Three Ways

Hershey’s offers consumers many ways to share the love and sweeten their Valentine’s Day this year. From Hershey’s-inspired recipes for homemade goodies to personalized gift boxes shipped direct to loved ones, Hershey’s is helping consumers celebrate Valentine’s Day during the COVID-19 period. On its microsite,, Hershey’s encourages consumers to make desserts, send love, or make crafts for Valentine’s Day. The microsite content clearly takes advantage of the new consumer attitudes, habits and behaviors that were adopted in 2020. Many consumers are still likely to cook more and spend more time at home in addition to looking for affordable gift options. and accessible. The three options on correspond to consumers’ need to add a personal touch to the celebrations while establishing a sense of oneness. Content marketing can be an effective tool for connecting consumers to a brand, creating a sense of trust and brand affinity.

Hershey's Leverage Microsite

The chocolate market is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.38% and achieve a valuation of $ 127 million by 2025. While the chocolate industry is highly competitive, brands that offer consumers products that match their evolving needs and connect to new values ​​are likely to retain and retain their customers with a higher level of loyalty. season to season. New product lines introduced by Reese’s, Dove and Ferraro explain how consumer expectations around Valentine’s Day have evolved over time. Hershey’s content marketing through its microsite provides consumers with multiple solutions leveraging Hershey’s products that align with consumer behaviors adopted as a result of COVID-19. On this Valentine’s Day, candy brands that can tackle new consumer buying trends early and often position themselves for success.

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