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Chocoholics, try this homemade 4 layer chocolate cake with hazelnut crisp


Moist chocolate cake, hazelnut crisp, whipped cream and silky chocolate ganache – need we say more?

MANILA, Philippines – Sokola Cakes, a small family business known for its chocolate cakes, is back with a new dessert on the menu – the Praline Crunch Cake – and chocolate addicts can’t miss it!

Released in June, the new Crispy praline cake (P980) combines the silkiness of premium Belgian chocolate with the sophisticated taste of hazelnut. It’s a four-layer cake that’s generous in every way – you get a soft, moist, rich chocolate cake topped with praline – a thin layer of crunchy hazelnuts – that looks like a Ferrero Rocher; and on top is a light and airy whipped cream topped with a smooth and silky bittersweet chocolate ganache for maximum indulgence.

Sokola’s Praline Crunch Cake is a balanced dessert that’s not overly sweet, but still decadent and rich. Each layer is good on its own (the hazelnut praline, in particular), but combined in a single bite? Celestial! Because it’s not too sweet, beware: one slice may not be enough.

CRUNCHY PRALINE CAKE. Photo by Steph Arnaldo/Rappler

Sokola is also known for its hazelnut pancake cake and truffle cake, among other homemade desserts. The local home-based business was founded by a couple with over 10 years of baking experience, specializing in chocolate cakes. Their previous company, Heavenly Chocolates, sold various single-origin chocolates from Ecuador, Venezuela, Madagascar, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mexico and Peru.

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Sokola Cakes is based in Commonwealth, Quezon City. To place your orders, you can message them on Instagram. –

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