Chocolate cake

chili-chocolate cake can help spice things up for Valentine’s Day | To eat

It’s never a bad idea to spice things up on Valentine’s Day. After all, in many successful relationships, a bit of intrigue and an element of surprise make things exciting. Now, before jumping to conclusions (after all, this is a food column), I’m talking about cake.

In this recipe, the chocolate is teased with a little spice, resulting in a delicious flourless cake that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day you crave a rich chocolate dessert. Don’t be put off by the spices. Laced with chili powder, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon, this dense moist cake has a nasty hit of chocolate-covered smoke and heat. While the spices might sound, well, savory, and yes, spicy, they’re understated and add just enough complexity to completely complement the intensity of the chocolate and seductively round out its flavor, providing a playful moment of je ne sais quoi. what for the lucky recipients. . This is an exciting cake.

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