Chocolate cake

Chiefs coach Andy Reid compares Super Bowl win to ‘chocolate cake with the ultimate icing’

The Kansas City Chiefs have played in back-to-back Super Bowls and are looking to qualify for their fourth consecutive AFC Championship Game with a victory Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

Coach Andy Reid was asked on Monday if all that winning could make his club complacent and if having already won a Super Bowl would make the Chiefs less tenacious than a club like Buffalo, which is still trying to taste that sweet nectar for the first time.

“If you like chocolate cake and you eat a piece of it and then you have one hanging in front of your face, you probably want to eat that too,” Reid said. “Not much is going to stop you, so that’s how you feel about the Super Bowl. It’s chocolate cake with the ultimate frosting and you’re going to try to get it if you can, as best you can. “

Winning is the pinnacle of sport. Addicts never got bored running so high. And the Chiefs have won a lot recently.

Reid played in the NFC Championship Game four straight seasons with the Eagles from 2001 to 2004. A win on Sunday with KC would make him the first Super Bowl-era head coach to have multiple four-game championship streaks. of conference. Tom Landry is the only other coach with multiple streaks longer than three seasons (Reid is the only coach with streaks longer than three seasons with different teams).

Should the Chiefs win their next two games, they would be only the fourth team to make the Super Bowl in at least three straight seasons, joining the Patriots (2016-18), Bills (1990-1993) and Dolphins (1971- 1973).

Reid’s weekly offensive ingenuity shows he still loves coaching. There have been no signs of complacency at KC, from the management to the coaching staff to the players. It helps when you have a 26-year-old Patrick Mahomes as your quarterback.

We doubt Reid will tire of chasing Super Bowl titles anytime soon — he wouldn’t pass up that second, third, or fourth piece of cake either.

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