Chocolate cake

Chiefs’ Andy Reid compares the Super Bowl to chocolate cake

It’s full of food analogies

The Chiefs are one step closer to their third straight Super Bowl appearance after making quick work of the Steelers on Sunday. But winning a title just two years ago doesn’t make them any less eager to lift the Lombardi Trophy in four weeks – and coach Andy Reid had the perfect analogy for why that is.

Reid was asked on Monday if Kansas City’s recent success changes his playoff approach.

“Once you’ve won one, how do you think it makes you feel in the future?” Gregorian Vahe of the Kansas City Star Reid asked. ” Not hungry any more ? Or do you say to yourself, ‘I know I can do this’? I wonder how it is for you.

Reid took the “hungry” part of the question at face value and gave the kind of answer that only he can.

“If you like chocolate cake and you eat a piece of it, and you have one hanging in front of your face, you probably want to eat that too,” Reid said. “Not much is going to stop you. I mean, that’s what you think of the Super Bowl. It’s chocolate cake with the ultimate frosting, and you’re gonna try and get it if you can.

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It should come as no surprise that Reid, who once gave a reporter his recipe for mac and cheese at an airport, followed that route with his response. It’s not even the first time this season that he has mentioned one of his favorite foods at a press conference.

“I love the way the team works together like I love a big piece of prime rib,” he said at the end of last month.

But wait, that wasn’t the first time he’d compared his team to a prime rib either.

“I like prime rib and would love to win a Super Bowl,” Reid said in 2011 after his Eagles were knocked out in the wildcard round for the second straight year. “So I’m hungry for both, if you understand where I’m from.”

No, I don’t quite understand where he came from, but I think it’s clear that the two things he loves the most are eating well and winning football matches.

Tom Brady turned the Super Bowl into a big plate of lentils last year and denied the Chiefs that second slice of cake, but they could have a little more dessert if they can polish enough wings against Buffalo on Sunday.

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