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Celebrate World Chocolate Day With These Indian Chocolate Brands

For centuries, chocolate has satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth. A creamy and rich chocolate bar is a delight for all sweet connoisseurs. Tasted in all its forms, whether in cake, ice cream or mousse, the mere thought of chocolate can make tongues salivate. People all over the world love chocolate so much that an entire day is dedicated to celebrating everyone’s favorite treat. Since 2009, World Chocolate Day has been celebrated on July 7 when chocolate lovers engage in a public display of affection with their favorite candy.

On this World Chocolate Day, takes a look at some Indian brands producing creamy chocolate bars.


The brand is home to India’s first and only live chocolate factory. Located in Delhi, Colocal offers delicious chocolate bars ranging from 55% cocoa to 85%. They also indulge in flavors such as Nut Inclusion Bar, Caramel Inclusion Bar, and Sea Salt Bar.


The Kerala-based brand won the International Chocolate Award in 2020-2021, a rave endorsement for its taste and texture. The company has incorporated Indian flavors such as Thandai, sitaphand jamun in their homemade chocolates.


The brand is run by an all-female team, which makes it stand out among the crowd. Their organic chocolates are created by women with no machinery involved throughout the process.


Kocaotrait uses an eco-friendly chocolate manufacturing process due to its belief that everything is kind to the planet, including the packaging. The company offers flavors such as masala chai, red rose, banana, coffee, cinnamon and jasmine.


Bombay brand brings Indians together mithais and chocolate to offer a tasty selection. Their Indie bars are topped with layers of chewy coconut, caramel and classic patissa wrapped in dark chocolate to fuse the two sweet worlds together.

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