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Beyond Cadbury and Godiva: The Best Chocolate Brands to Discover

Cadbury, Godiva, and Z Chocolat are just a few of the luxury chocolate brands that have become household names and made frequent holiday giveaways.

However, there is a whole other world of gourmet, decadent chocolates that you never even knew existed. These are the best chocolates from around the world.

The House of chocolate

The Parisian chocolatier La Maison du Chocolat is a creator of delicious high-end truffles and other chocolate delicacies.

The mouthwatering truffle flavors include tangy raspberry pulp, sweet coconut, and the recent addition of intense vodka and caviar ganache.

You can find this gourmet brand of chocolate at Harrods and Selfridges, or visit their flagship store in Piccadilly.


Swiss chocolate is known to be irresistible, and DeLafee Gold Leaf Truffles are no exception.

These delicious truffles are wrapped in gold wrapping paper and wrapped in a satin covered gift box, making them a perfect gift.

Z Chocolate

Z Chocolat offers an impressive array of 26 chocolate flavors and a long list of collector’s boxes, including a meticulously crafted mahogany collection.

The chic French chocolatier is also home to a VIP loyalty program and a membership for those who frequently offer delicious chocolates.

Love the earth

After traveling to Mexico, Scott Fry returned home to Melbourne with the vision of creating all-natural Cacao chocolate.

The artisanal chocolate brand now produces dozens of different flavored chocolate bars, including exotic tangerine, raspberry and coconut.

Loving Earth now proudly offers a line of alternative grains, raw powders, oils and butters. Try the ultra-soft caramel chocolate!

Black Mountain

Pink champagne truffles, melted marzipan, nougat and tropical chocolate bars are just a few of the delicious treats available at Black Mountain Chocolates.

This Welsh chocolate treasure house also sells healthy cocoa nibs, coconut chunks and fragrant botanical soaps.


If you are looking for a super tasty but super healthy treat, Booja-Booja is the brand for you.

The Norfolk-based brand offers a selection of sumptuous dairy-free truffles and ice cream – not to mention the absolutely adorable rainbow-colored chocolate boxes that make a great party gift.

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