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Baking Tips: What Goes To Make This 3 Minute Chocolate Cake – Recipe Inside

With the extreme increase in Covid cases, India has once again come to a halt. Several states are facing lockdown in an attempt to control the relentless spread. This means people are stuck at home again, like last year (2020). And hence, we put on our chef’s coat once again and walked into the kitchen to be occupied and entertained. Like the lockdown of 2020, we’re once again trying to make different delicious desserts at home – chocolate cake being one of the more popular choices. If you too are thinking of baking a cake at home, this article is for you.

Apparently the pastry seems to be quite a cake; which in reality is exactly the opposite. Unlike cooking (which is an art), baking is a matter of science. The right kind of ingredients, added in the right amount, help you make the perfect cake at home. An imbalance of a little bit can spoil the game. Therefore, it takes time, skill and dedication to get the perfect fluffy cake out of this oven. Novice bakers, don’t worry. We have a super simple recipe that will help you bake like a pro. And the best part is, you only need 3 minutes to get the job done. Looked:

How To Make A Chocolate Cake In 3 Minutes | 3 Minute Chocolate Cake Recipe:

For this particular recipe, we need maida, sugar, cocoa powder, Oreo cookie, baking powder, salt, vanilla extract, melted oil / butter, and milk. Combine all the ingredients and prepare a paste. Transfer the dough to a mug and microwave it for just 1 minute. The fastest chocolate cake is ready in no time.

Click here for the step by step recipe.

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